Essay Sample Discussing President Trump's Twitter

Published: 2022-09-12
Essay Sample Discussing President Trump's Twitter
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Twitter is arguably one of the most popular social media platforms where citizens, dignitaries, and organizations across the spectrum use to access and exchange information. Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States, prefers the San Francisco social networking platform over the media which he frequently refers as fake. President Donald Trump has been a vocal critic of the media since his campaign period and after clinching the highest seat on the American soil. Unlike most of his predecessors whose most of the social media posts were done by special social media personnel attached to the president, president Trump does not discuss or negotiate with his team on what or not to post. He is arguably the most prolific Twitter user compared to his predecessors. He asserts that his sole reason for using tweeter is to reach his thoughts to masses by bypassing the media that may decide what to feed to the public. However, his remarks on Twitter have sparked a voracious debate. Although Twitter is a good platform for keeping the people informed and connected, the United States president must be careful on his 140-character choice because it may be a potential wreak to the US diplomatic ties.

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The US president does not have trust in the media. During the campaign trails, all the media houses in America portrayed him as the underdog. Hillary Clinton was tipped to win the election. Ever since then the media became the greatest enemy of the sitting US president. He is more active on Twitter than any other president. There are a number of similarities expressed by The New York Times and The Guardian newspapers on the impacts of president Trump's barbs on Twitter.

One similarity about the two popular newspapers regarding Trump's tweets is the weakening of the bond between the US and the Britain diplomatic ties. President Trump has been a fierce attacker of the Muslim extremists' actions. According to Smith (2017), the president went ahead and shared anti-Muslim videos that had previously been posted by Jayda Fransen. The move compelled the British Prime minister Theresa May to respond swiftly accusing the president of spreading unverified information. According to the Guardian newspaper, there have been challenges between the United States and the United Kingdom, but all the differences have been solved under the surface. On the contrary, Trump's direct attacks happen in real time and public domain hence creating tension. Smith (2017) argues that Trump's reckless remarks may "goad North Korea's Kim Jong-un to respond with a nuclear missile." However, the relationship between the world leaders has strengthened following their summit meeting in June 2018 in Singapore.

Another striking similarity between the two newspapers is the way they express Trump's opinions towards the Muslim community. According to the Guardian newspaper, Trump's retweet on a purported Dutch boy on crutches beaten by the Muslim migrants is a clear indication of his attitude towards the Muslim community. During his campaign trails, president Trump had promised to take stern measures against the Muslim community. According to the New York Times newspaper, president Trump was quoted at one point during the presidential elections saying "Islam hate us" (Proulx, 2017). The paper further reports that ever since he assumed the office in 2016, he has sought to limit the number of Islam-associated foreigners visiting the United States. A move that has attracted negative criticism from all the corners of the globe. On the contrary, his predecessors employed wise measures in curbing terrorism. Proulx (2017) states that both president George W. Bush and Barack Obama had a different approach to fighting terrorism. They tried as much as possible to avoid spreading messages that seemed anti-Muslim, or that could spark religious and racial animosity. The New York Times further asserts that there has never been a modern president with inflammatory content compared to Trump's.

Although Twitter offers a faster and effective platform for reaching out to the masses, the president must be extremely cautious on his remarks. The New York Times report that the president has insulted more than 394 people upon assuming office in 2016. Shockingly, the tracklist seems to be on the rise every day. According to Proulx (2018), the number of insults is estimated to hit 650 by the end of his first term tenure in office. His reckless remarks on the social networking platform have made him chief in cyberbully. The president should reconsider his ways of using the social media platform; otherwise, his spat may weaken diplomatic relations with other nations.

Generally, the United States administration must seek ways to control what the president posts on social media. Some remarks may be too sensitive to put on cyberspace. Disagreements between the United States and other nations should be solved amicably but not through social media. President Donald Trump should follow his predecessors' ways of addressing national issues. Social media platforms may be dangerous tools if used inappropriately.


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