Essay Sample on Provision of Transportation Choices: King Farm

Published: 2023-03-30
Essay Sample on Provision of Transportation Choices: King Farm
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A country should always ensure adequate provision of transportation services as this is essential in smart growth. Smart growth is the development that serves the community and the economy, providing an outline for societies to decide on how to grow. Nations are seeking more extensive transportation range options to improve the transportation systems which are currently overwhelmed. Thus, King Farm in Rockville has taken advantage of transportation choices nearby. King Farm has implemented strategies to transportation planning such as supportive land use, creating redundancy as well as modifying areas served by transits by setting the level of standards.

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For effective services in transit, more supportive use of land is required. Local government can cluster the development of the residential to ensure transit accessibility around transit stops. If public transit is essential, there must be multiple errands to create convenient transportation options as part of commuting. In this case, according to Environmental Protection Agency (2007), King Farm has employed this strategy where it is well-located within the bay area encompassing over 20 agencies of transits and a mix of modes such as ferries and streetcars. The location for public transportation enables employees, residents, and visitors to exploit options of the local transit such as light-trail, trains, buses as well as employee shuttles.

Furthermore, smaller streets of the interwoven network can help drivers avoid delays linked to multilane intersections as well as providing routing redundancy. These streets have slower speeds and are narrower, making it compatible with a mix of retail, residential and commercial uses. The improved connectivity and usage of this mix make walking a realistic means of transportation for pedestrians to reach their destinations. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (2017), King Farm has accessible networks for bike lanes, sidewalks, and multi-use trails, making it convenient and attractive for pedestrians and offering recreational opportunities. Also, the gas station makes it suitable for pedestrians by placing the gas pumps in the rear.

Moreover, in areas served by transit roadway, the standards of level-of-service should be modified to enhance development in the surrounding environment. According to Getting to Smart Growth (2006), there should be a combined service measure and accessibility of transit-served areas to manage transportation properly. King Farm has adopted a strategic plan to improve the level of standard system-wide traffic to demonstrate innovation, essential improvement in air quality, comprehensive and coordinated strategies in transportation to reinforce the goals of the community.

Both king farm and the united states provide parking opportunities and needs mainly behind buildings, in parking assemblies or on the streets, to make the roads more convenient for walking. For example, The King Farm gas station sets the gas pumps on the corner and in the rear to enhance efficient access for pedestrians.

King Farm has revealed the potential power of the state to obtain objectives like mixed-use. The level of transit and mixed-use, and it is at a higher level than in the United States. The reason for a higher level of transportation is because King Farm tends to implement the strategies more than the U.S (Gerrit, 2007). Although the United States has put the effort in making it easy to use public transport, bike or walk, helping to connect efficiently to the city's neighbourhoods through viable transport hence supporting affordable housing by lowering transportation expenses.

In conclusion, smart cities like King Farm are currently observed as significant to attaining sustainable urban development goals like transportation choices. The concepts of achieving the idea of smart growth in improving the quality of life and using the limited resources have lately gained a lot of attention, and it will continue to do so in the future.


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