Paper Example on President Lincoln's War Aim

Published: 2023-01-17
Paper Example on President Lincoln's War Aim
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Slavery had taken root in the United States when Lincoln got into power; he swore to fight against slavery by ensuring that slavery did not extend to new territories. It did not take long before activists began putting pressure on Lincoln to make freedom a war aim.

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Lincoln's way of doing things was highly criticized since he had acted reluctantly in embracing emancipation. However, he defended his policies in a letter, and this was the first selection that followed. In less than five months, Lincoln proclaimed emancipation, and this was his second selection.

President Lincoln's address to Horace Greeley

In the year 1883, after the famous ferocious battle at Gettysburg, President Lincoln gave his address at the military cemetery, and this infused the war to save the union with global significance. As per the speech that Lincoln provided in response to Horace Greeley, the president seemed to be keen to keep the union, but he would not promise to end slavery, and he would also not encourage slavery.

If there were a way he would save the union without involving any party, he would have done so. He promised to do his best to keep the union even when it meant freeing those in slavery or freeing part of the people that were enslaved.

The president insisted that he would save the union under any provisions in the constitution.

He is keen on restoring the national authority in the quickest way possible and to him any way possible of saving the union even if it meant freeing or not freeing slavery, as long as it helped restore the union he could agree to that. He meticulously mentioned and made it clear what his intentions and stand was. He did not need any modification on his wish that all men everywhere could be free,

On account of Abraham Lincoln power as the American president and chief of defense forces, listed the people and bodies that he felt were against the United States. Some of the designated states that he had mentioned were the hub of slavery, but he ordered that people in those states be freed from slavery. All authorities, including, the US military and naval authorities could maintain and recognize the freedom of the said persons. Some of the states, as mentioned by the president were; Texas. Arkansas, St. James, Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, North- Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.

The president urged in preaching war against violence; he only attributed violence where it was the case for self-defense. And in cases where abuse is allowed, the parties involved should labor faithfully for reasonable wages. He said that the freed people from slavery should join the military at will, and be given positions and be deployed anywhere within the territories to provide service to the nation. The president believed that such actions would serve justice that was warranted in the constitution and upon the necessity of the military.

Gettysburg Address

Gettysburg's address to the nation and Lincoln was as to when liberty could be conceived, as to when people would realize that we are created equal, and to when the new country would be formed.

He is concerned that they are engrained in a severe civil war, and this was tasting the nation as to how long it would endure this.

He is dedicated to continuing the course of the forefathers, and by so doing, they would not have died in vain. He wants the nation to have a new birth of freedom and prays that the country is in the hands of God.

California Gold Rush. Gold Fever

Between the 1840s and1850s, most Americans could not believe the wealth and success the California Gold had epitomized.

The gold fever provided opportunities towards making gains, something that had not happened for years through ordinary toil.

The gold was there for the taking, for the upright practitioners of free labor values as well as the hustlers.

California Gold Rush Diary 1849-1850( series of events)

It was a Monday when it was announced that gold had been discovered in the United States. Americans could not still believe that the findings were accurate until when an older adult who had been mining for several years confirmed to them that it was real gold.

A messenger was sent to the American Fork to verify that it was true that gold had been discovered. The messenger had the specimens of gold in his pocket. All the people in attendance admitted that it was gold and fled apart from one older man who still felt that that was not gold and instead believed it was some yellow Yankee inventions. He however later admits it was gold and people were filled with excitement, and soon they were on their way to the mines. Carpenters, blacksmith, masons, farmers, the tapster, and the baker were all their way to the pits.

People could get some gold from the mines and days later another spasms brought by a sailor from the Yuba River. It was said to be the most beautiful gold that had ever appeared in the market. Soon the carpenters were on their way to Yuba to seek the precious mine. The returns people made from the mining of gold were tremendous that they would make a man throw down their ledgers and shoulder a pick. People dropped from their usual activities to get into the mines since masters were becoming their servants, whereas servants were growing their lords. Who could not wish to be part of the millionaires?

Wed October 18, people were camped in the gold mines; rumors were all over that new deposits had been found. Soon people started moving to the newly identified mining grounds you would think some fortress would be stormed. The thirst the people had for this gold had made it almost impossible for them to handle any confusion that would be communicated. The notions of every man could be watched, but the absence of two gold hunters would be noticed

There was much that had been said about the amounts of gold that had been taken from the mines. The Chileans, Sonoranians, and Peruvians had carried out much of gold from the country that it raised the alarm. Soon not one pound of gold in ten could be gathered by these foreigners for exportation.

The operations of these foreigners were forbidden to kick them out of California. The causes that excluded slavery from California lies within a few words; that all people there were, gold diggers and that free white digger would not associate themselves with slaves. They claimed that they would only dig themselves.

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