Essay Example: Positive Personal Relationship With Apple Brands, Services, and Products

Published: 2023-08-08
Essay Example: Positive Personal Relationship With Apple Brands, Services, and Products
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Building a personal relationship is considered to be a powerful tool in marketing. In most organizations, companies, and businesses, people buy what they like or what they feel connected to. It is paramount to understand that without personal connections between companies and companies, there are no sales, and if there are no sales, then it means there are no businesses. Being positive towards Apple computers, I find myself purchasing any product or brand associated with Apple. Not necessarily because of referrals or maybe the many branches they have but because I find myself attracted to how they handle their customers (Alvarez & Fournier, 2016). Apple Company is one of the most influential international technological companies. It is ranked as one of the best companies in designing and selling personalized computers and software. Why do I, therefore, consider Apple products, services, and brands? I consider Apple computers because it is business-centered that is aimed at attracting more customers and maintaining customers. It has a good product differentiation strategy that gives it a competitive advantage over its competitors.

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Consumer Brand Relationship of Apple Products, Services, and Brands

One of the critical objectives for any business is to create a personal connection with the customer and give the customer overall satisfaction. Brand loyalty is referred to as the customer's level of desire to purchase a specific product severally. Apple has quality brands and products that motivate me to buy the product on many occasions. Its products are of unique brands that add value to my purchasing power regardless of the price. I am positive on how products are delivered to me, in case of any purchase Apple makes timely delivery through the use of companies such as DHL which ensures that the product gets to me safely with no destruction. The brand has the right marketing strategies that have had a significant impact on my buying ability. Apple has a good reputation that encourages me to think positively about its products. It has excellent marketing and communication strategies (Coelho & Santos, 2018). It is customer-oriented meaning that the support team fully understands the needs of the customer. Their products have a brand trust that gives me the confidence in buying the products because it meets my expectation and satisfies my needs. Apple's brands are readily available, reliable, and consistent in quality; hence this gives me more trust in considering their products. I also consider Apple products, brand, and services because it has a support team that embraces and accounts for all sorts of feedback whether good, bad, or anything, this helps me to feel valued hence building a long-lasting relationship with the brand. Through many years of advertising, Apple has been able to protect its product image, and this has enabled Apple brands to be one of the most recognizable and respected across the globe.

It has a welcoming support staff that is dedicated to diligently servicing customers in a conducive and approachable environment. Apple products are designed in such a way that even the employees can comfortably use them, meaning that the design of the product is customer-centric. Apple products such as personalized computers have an exceptional brand image and brand positioning that keeps me always thinking about the brands. It is not by mere chance, but I find myself as an ambassador of the Apple brand still talking about it to my friends and convincing them to get associated with the brand. The support consistently answers the customers' questions; the team uses most of its time in helping clients sort out issues about the product and services. Apple has a good, effective, and efficient communication model that helps in the management of the customer's expectations.

Negative Personal Connection with Coffee Brands, Services, and Products

Understanding consumer behavior is entirely impossible, yet it has a significant impact on the purchasing power of different products, services and brands. Various factors influence purchasing decisions that include social, cultural, psychological or personal factors (Paul & Rana, 2012). I am personally harmful to buying coffee brands. Purchasing a coffee brand has always been a difficult task to me, much is said about the product with a lot of negativity being said about coffee such as coffee contains caffeine that may lead to blood pressure, early death or significant risks of a heart attack. I, therefore, find myself escaping to purchase any coffee brand. In the first place, I do not identify myself with the product. I do not also find the image or the positioning of the product appealing to me. My purchasing power is, therefore influenced by the below factors.

Social Factors

Social Factors have a significant impact on the harmful behavior of customers. Every person has an individual who in any way, influences his/her buying behavior. Some of the essential social factors that influence purchasing power include; family and reference groups. Every consumer belongs to a particular group that is referred to as the membership group. Family members have a significant influence on consumer behavior in the sense that a family forms the ground for an individual to acquire different values and shape their personality. A family creates the first perceptions of different brands, serves and products. In my case, it is evident that my family plays a critical role in the selection of brands and products. Most of them have a negative attitude towards coffee brand because they feel that it has adverse health effects that can lead to an early death. Much of the conversation has been concerning the purchasing of coffee brands. My family and friends say that coffee brand is expensive and with deficient quality. The perceptions created have influenced me to consider a coffee brand as absolutely unfavorable.

Personal factors

Personal factors play an essential role in consumer buying behavior. These factors include occupation, economic status, lifestyle, personality, self-concept, among others. Age-related factors include the taste of food, recreation and clothing. Occupation and income levels have a significant influence on the purchasing power of a commodity. Consumer's lifestyle is vital in determining how persons live and spend their money. The choice of services, products and brands choices is related to the consumer's lifestyle. Preferences and taste vary among different consumers. My lifestyle has an impact on the selection and purchase of coffee brands, and hence I do not find coffee brands and products as part of my prevalence and taste.

Psychological Factors

The choice is greatly influenced by psychological factors such as beliefs and attitudes, motivation and perception. Customers have different forms of needs. A consumer acts following his/her understanding. They form varying impressions of similar stimuli based on attention, distortion and retention. People have different attitudes and beliefs in regards to foods, religions, among others which are always hard to change. They are part of the consumer's personality and are deeply anchored in their minds. Based on this, I have grown believing that coffee is bad for human consumption. With this rooted in my mind, it, therefore, becomes difficult to be associated or purchase any kind of coffee brand.


In conclusion, based on the above discussion on the two brands marketers need to consider how they handle customers to improve their connectivity. Marketers must ensure to give a piece of comprehensive information concerning the brand, service or product they are marketing. The brand image and positioning should be appealing to customers. They should ensure that products add value and can be trusted by the consumer. Marketers should consider the factors that influence consumer behaviors. They must put into consideration policies that can help convince customers to buy their products.

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