Essay Sample on Instructional Methods for Business Studies

Published: 2023-10-30
Essay Sample on Instructional Methods for Business Studies
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I mostly make use of cooperative learning in the teaching of business studies. I also, at times, apply inquiry-based learning techniques in teaching. Graphic organizers are another technique that I apply to teach learners at times, and I also utilize instruction technology (, 2020). In cooperative learning, I ensure that I make my students be in small groups such that they can work cooperatively on regular assignments. Co-operative learning creates more amount of elevated thinking skills among learners (Keen, 1996). The mode of the study also makes learners develop skills of interacting socially with others since they work together during the duty. The students are also able to gain a variety of understanding since support among the learners expands. The student maintenance increases and they develop a sense of self-confidence.

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Additionally, the learners develop a positive attitude towards the subject matter. In cooperative learning, can develop oral communication skills, participate more, and cause less trouble (Johnson, 1917). Students are encouraged on obligation reading own learning, critical thinking is also developed through the use of discussion groups, and students can see circumstances from alternative viewpoints.

There is a downfall with co-operative learning in that there may emerge dynamic problems in groups and conflicts among group members which may slow down or decrease the ability to cooperate among the group members. Conflict resolution skills are therefore needed among individuals in such groups. There is also a possibility of having diverse identities, beliefs and understanding which conflict may arise as a result of this mismatch. Co-operative learning may promote laziness and uneven learning because some students may be slower since they know they will depend on the other students. This uneven learning, therefore, gets some learners left behind.

When using a case study and group work to study business studies, I use the inquiry-based method of instruction. Interview and investigative skills are thus created amongst students, and it makes the subject significant and all genuine because of its functionality. The students are curious, and this stimulates and prepares their brains. Due to this curiosity and hand involvement, students get and hold more facts. Inquiry-based guidelines build on curriculum content, and core concepts are well comprehended and thus, a more profound understanding of the content (Hill, 2008). For most of the work, students discover answers to why? When? Where? And who? This makes the students take responsibility for learning. As transferrable skills improve, initiative and self-course are also built. Different learning styles are engaged in this as it involves the use of differentiated instruction techniques.

In inquiry-based instruction, the learners are generally able to discover the way of learning and therefore, will have an easy time to study without a problem (Gunbayi, 2020). For moderate students, the method of study could be troublesome to since they will have to work from an already restricted beforehand knowledge (Ticknor, 1937). The learners also must have wide know-how and a sense of self-discipline for the method to be successful. In this method of instruction, the teacher needs to have enough time to plan and ability to remember the mental objects of the instruction. The aim of addressing the subject matter is crucial as it requires a lot of monitoring and assessing since the students may be difficult.

My strengths include a high confidence level which I portray anytime that I am with the students and making them learn. I have confidence because I use a wide range of resources to gather my information to equip the learners with the most appropriate knowledge. I also have an awareness of the impact of materials to the students and general learning. This method makes me understand better what to put on board for the learners (Aulls & Ibrahim, 2011). I have practical skills which make it easy for group projects and investigations are easy as well as perfect guidelines to the students whenever required. This method makes addressing learners' needs effective as there is a wide scope of these issues.

Concerning my teaching practices, I have to improve in areas such as starting to update my professional qualifications. Effective teaching of business studies requires me to keep improving my knowledge, and so I have to keep on attending training sessions. Acquiring more knowledge in my work area would make me get more effective in my area of specialization (Crawford & Bailey, 1977). The knowledge advancement would need at least 12 hours of my preparation which I find difficult to do I time.

Presentation planning is another thing I would need to improve as it is essential for the ability to focus on content and decide on the flow of steps that could aid me in achieving specific goals (Farrell, 2002). The plan would be very crucial in making the teaching plan, even though sometimes it could be hard to set objectives (Sahin-Taskin, 2017). Predicting of acquisition outcomes is befitting as it helps in helping learners to the preset objectives.

There is also a need for me to better the way I handle the students and other teaching staffs who have special needs since they are the minority and most vulnerable (Fuller, 1976). They either partially or fully depend on other individuals for support in many ways, and I have to be part of their journey as part of appreciating and maintaining them and ensuring they acquire the most basic and important part in their lives (Farashahi & Tajeddin, 2018). This is because of them being the minority and vulnerable, sometimes we neglect and exclude them, thus failing to fulfil their needs fully. For such learners, there are specialists to handle them. However, I have to make an effort to learn more about their needs and to help them every time they need me.


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