Essay Sample on Off-Off-White

Published: 2023-03-16
Essay Sample on Off-Off-White
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Off whites, the company was established as "PYREX VISION" by Virgil Abloh in a city in Italia in the year 2002. Due to criticism, it was abandoned and rebranded off-white. The success of off-white is attributed to its collaboration with other successful companies such as Nike, Levo, and Martens, among many others. The company has further collaborated with many more companies in subsequent years. Of late in the year 2019, June, the company worked with the museum of Chicago to create new products.

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Emotional Attachment

Consumers are always willing to make purchases on something that they have an emotional tie with the service or a product. Thus, it is wise for an entrepreneur to make sure that the marketing strategy is creating an emotional attachment with the target or potential customers. Some of the ways of creating emotional attachment include; (Kerin & Hartley,2015).

  • Determining the pain point of the customers and assessing them.
  • Getting close to customers, interacting, and listening to their complaints or views.
  • We are leveraging the personality of the company through social media.
  • Brand Personality.

It is a collection of human features upon which a brand new is grounded. It is that which a customer is closely associated with. The taste and preference of products should be such that it increases the effectiveness of a brand and enhances its popularity. Brand personality entails all that influences a customer to strongly believe that the brand of the product is capable of meeting consumers' demands in all time and should be relied on over a long period.

Emotional Hooks

Emotional hooks refer to the ability or tendency of influencing the willingness of a consumer to continue to utilize and consume a particular product in the market. There are quite several strategies that have been put in place by producers to influence consumers to use their products in the market as a means of competing with other available brands in the market. Consumers make up their minds on what to purchase for consumption based on their interest or feeling towards a product. This can be achieved through extensive narration on a particular product that has been rolled out in the market. It can as well be made by creating fear in consumers or a state of anxiety to enhance the positive reaction.

Long Term Success

Being proactive - there are several benefits that the business can get by being proactive. They include; Increasing the loyalty of the customers, Reducing the support calls - being proactive enables one to identify and resolve issues before they turn into problems and Communication is controlled - occasionally, customers will talk about the brand of a product to their families and friends in private (Kerin & Hartley, 2015). But they will also talk about the brand of a product in public through social media. Thus, being proactive enables one to get involved in the customer's conversation and engaging with them in a manner that is putting the business in a more favorable light.


Kerin, R., & Hartley, S. (2015). Marketing: the core. McGraw-Hill.

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