Political Philosophies - An Essay Sample for Everyone

Published: 2022-03-28
Political Philosophies - An Essay Sample for Everyone
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There are various political ideas that one can adopt as a ruler. The ideas entail the aspect of autocracy, egalitarianism, and imperialism. In order to have a stable kingdom, there is need to have in place such ideas based on autocracy because it ensures that the absolute political power will be wielded by the leader, therefore, minimizing the probable opposition and the instability of the kingdom (Rosel, np). Through the leadership of Sennacherib, who was able to strategize the military tactics of Assyria, there is a depiction that sound decision making demands resolute leadership and staunchness. This is seen through the conquest of Judah after Tyre and Sidon (Stern, 64).

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Another idea is egalitarianism whereby all citizens are afforded equal rights and privileges in order to ensure that the kingdom is free from any form of discrimination and oppression of the weak. The move will ensure that there is the prevalence of equality and this stabilizes the kingdom. It is evident that all citizens of a region play a significant role in the prosperity of a kingdom. As it was evident in Athens, despite the important role which women played in contributing to the city through familial roles of providing nourishment to the rich and the poor, women worked side by side with slaves to produce textile that was used by families for clothing purposes ("Women and Politics In Democratic Athens" 37).

Lastly, adopting the idea of imperialism is an avenue in which the kingdom is ensured continued expansion and rule over the vast region. The tributes paid to the kingdom will ensure that there is a more stable reign and ensure continued monitoring of the probable rebellion or external threats ("Assyrian Conquest."). The Assyrian expansion to the neighborhood depicts an aspect of heavy tribute paid to their kingdom, therefore, this political idea shows the kind of stability that a region can enjoy owing to the sufficiency of revenue to the kingdom (Stern, 66).

The political ideas that are likely to disrupt the stability of a kingdom include dictatorship and aristocracy. Dictatorship is the aspect of having one person with absolute power and control over all the state's resources. The approach is not positive in stabilizing a region mainly because there will be issues that emanate which cannot always be handled amicably by an individual and can lead to instability. Sharing responsibilities guarantee a code of honor which always has a political consequence ("Women and Politics in Democratic Athens" 34).

Aristocracy is the type of political idea that only privileges members of society who owns a larger portion of the society's wealth, political influence and prestige ("The Prophet Isaiah On The Moral Decay Of The Hebrew People."). This mode of governing is a threat to a particular kingdom owing to the fact that the meek will one day want to overthrow those in power and thus destabilizing the region. The Athenian women are role models who never mingled freely, both the poor and the rich ("Women and Politics in Democratic Athens" 37).

Therefore, it is worth noting that the stability of a region depends on the ideology that is applied by the leadership of the region. It is evident that political ideas like egalitarianism, imperialism, and autocracy can go hand in hand to ensure the stability of the leadership. Dictatorship and aristocracy will destabilize a region because it divides the people and brings about a sense of resentment among the subjects.

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