Cognitive Restructuring Technique - Free Essay in Psychology

Published: 2018-02-18
Cognitive Restructuring Technique - Free Essay in Psychology
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Cognitive restructuring is a technique used to discover an unhappy situation, feeling, and when someone has an automatic belief for every occasion that happens without putting into consideration all possible events. This technique is used to treat people from distorted thinking, depression, and stress and ensures that a person has balanced thoughts.

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An irrational belief occurs like when a person thinks that everything is going to have negative results. They have a negative prediction about all the occurrences during the day. They expect that they will not enjoy the party they have been invited to and their boss will not approve their work for the day. This person should consider what if they enjoy the party and their boss like their job. A rational belief is when the person thinks of all possibilities and ensures they find all possible occurrences before having distorted thinking. A person putting into consideration all the possibilities gives them a bigger picture of the event rather than thinking negatively.

When a person thinks they never do anything right is another irrational belief. They do not believe that they have the ability to do some things without making many mistakes. This person should consider giving reasons on why they think they never do anything right. They will ensure they provide evidence that supports the idea and those that do not support the idea and evaluate all evidence to give a conclusion. A rational belief will be that times they do make mistakes, but there are times that they do the right thing. They should also consider working on the thing they think they do wrong and doing them right. The cognitive restructuring will even enable them to overcome the notion that they never do anything right.

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