Essay Sample on Polarization of Political Parties and Centrist Politics

Published: 2023-04-05
Essay Sample on Polarization of Political Parties and Centrist Politics
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Political polarization in the United States of America is very high. The democrats and republicans are divided not only in political matters but also economically. According to Doherty (2014), political polarization has become evident in both political leaders and the American public. Many Americans attribute most of their daily activities to the political affiliation they belong to. While political polarization at low levels is not consequential to a country, the high rate of polarization witnessed in the United States of America today is alarming.

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Defining who to relate with based on political affiliation is a major drawback in society today. The political division between the Republicans and Democrats is witnessed even when they interact on nonpolitical matters. According to Doherty (2014), 73% of the American population has friends who belong to the same political party. The political polarization witnessed by the individuals who are strong supporters of either the Republican Party or the Democratic Party is increasing over time. Partisan antipathy has also increased; the number of Republicans who have unfavorable views about the Democrats has risen from 17% to 43% in the past 20 years (Doherty, 2014 p.1).

According to Doherty (2014), political polarization has spread to all sectors of the economy. The social life and economic life of the individuals supporting the Democratic and Republican parties are different. The democrats are viewed to be living in highly educated areas and with good employment. On the other hand, Republicans are viewed as less privileged in economic dynamics. The economic gap between the Republicans and the Democrats cannot be proved because they live together in many states.

The United States of America's politics revolves around the two dominant parties in the country. However, according to Fiorina and Abrams (2008), politics are changing with time. The enmity witnessed between the politicians who support parallel political parties is evident during the official meetings. The political leaders support motions that are presented by the officials who belong to the same affiliation. The concept of political polarization in the American government has been witnessed since the nineteenth century (Baldassarri & Gelman, 2008). Leaders in both the USA congress and senate belonging to the parallel political party with the president have been failing to support policies presented by the ruling party.

Political parties play a major role in creating gaps between their supporters. Despite having different ideologies, the polarization witnessed today can be curbed by the leaders to avoid enmity among the citizens. According to Thomas and Andrew (2019), "every day brings more evidence of the United States' profound political polarization. Partisan intransigence, vitriol, and divisiveness now contaminate most government institutions (p.1) ".The national politics are built on partisan tribalism which is cancer to the society. The 2020 politics are expected to be characterized by enmity between the Republican supporters and the Democrats. However, this should not be the case because political ideology should not divide a nation that is built on high societal norms.

Centrist politics results from political polarization. Leaders and members of the public support ideas based on their political affiliation rather than the expected outcomes. Centrist politics retard the economic growth of a country because instead of analyzing the benefits that the society is expected to receive from the implementation of a proposed policy; leaders base their arguments on the political stand. If an idea is presented by the Republicans the Democrats are likely to reject it and vice versa. In the United States of America, centrist policies is dominant both in leaders and the citizen. Their arguments are based on political ideology rather than the critical examination of the policy.

In the history of American presidents, the retired President of the republic Barrack Obama who was a Democrat tried to overcome political polarization. During his election campaigns in 2008, he was able to raise over half a billion online from both Republicans and Democrats (Vargas, 2008). The great support received by the former president from the Republican Party despite being a Democrat is evident. Policies passed during his reign were supported by both Republicans and Democrats. The political division witnessed today in Trump's government was lower during Obama's' government.

According to Blekenhon (2018), political polarization is caused by various reasons. The lack of unifying policies in the country today is among the major causes. Centrist politics is witnessed in both congress and Senate today. The policies passed are based on political affiliation and they have a greater impact on the ideologies of the party rather than the overall desired national outcomes. Religious beliefs and ideologies also have a greater impact on polarization. Unlike in history, where religious leaders unified people based on biblical teachings, many Americans today do not subscribe to any religion.

The politics of the states today are built on political identity. The different self-proclaimed political ideologist has a great impact on the overall views of the American community. Unlike in the 19th century when leaders presented their agendas based on the best interest of the community, today policies are instigated by political affiliation. The Tumps government, for example, is characterized by divisive politics based on what the Republicans and democrats stand for.

President Donald Trump during his campaigns worn the support of the Republicans due to his ideas. The foreign policy was immensely supported by Republicans who are against immigration in the country. However, Clinton's supporters were against the policy. They argued that the eviction of the immigrants from the United States of America would weaken the national stand of the USA as the most humanitarian nation. Conservatism is evident in the manner by which President Trump drives the country's affairs.

The impeachment motion filed by the Democrats in 2019 is an indication of how political polarization has progressed in the country. The country's political adversity was witnessed after his election as Clinton's supporters protested in the streets. However, the majority of the Republicans are content with the way the president runs the country. Despite the stern policies implemented by the president since his inauguration he continues to receive massive support from those who share in his political ideology.


Political polarization and centrist politics at a low level are not consequential to the country. However, when politics starts to interfere with both the social and economic values of the United States of America negative effects may be witnessed. Political leaders need to devise strategies for unifying the country and curb the partisan tribalism witnessed today before it destroys the country. In 2020 politics, political polarization may be higher than in other years despite unity pleas by the media and religious leaders.


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