Alternative Dispute Resolution: Money and Resources at Stake.

Published: 2022-12-28
Alternative Dispute Resolution: Money and Resources at Stake.
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Money was another form of resource that both parties argued for. Both the parties involved here needed money to carry out the activity they needed ("It costs trillions of dollars to settle commercial conflicts. It's time for Alternative Dispute Resolution," n.d.). Employees needed money to carry out their day to activities and improve their living standards while the company, on the other hand, needed money to work on corporate social responsibility, for the company to be able to engage in the corporate social responsibility it needed to cut our salaries. Through this, it would be able to return the favor back to the community by seeing that everybody in need is well-taken care off.

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Apart from that, there was the profit that was made. We found it harsh for the company to pay us a low salary as its net profits were high throughout. Employees felt exploited as they committed to the firm for long hours only to be underpaid. However this affected performance some of the employees which made them quit the job or get fired. Us as the employees needed a better working condition to do satisfactory work.

Type of Negotiation Involved

In this case, the parties involved were the employees and the company. One of the negotiations was zero sum where there is only one winner at the end. Apart from that, each bargain that is made from the negotiator comes with an expense to the other. For instance, in this case, the only winner that would emerge at the end of it was the company. It was their priority to ensure that they engaged in the corporate social responsibility ("What is BATNA? How to Find Your Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement," 2019). Through this, it meant that they would do everything in their power to ensure they acquired enough capital fund the project. That means that they will be forced to cut our salary which will lead to most of the employees living the company. As a result of this, the interdependent stakeholders are the employees since the decision made by the firm directly involves us. However, the form of relationship that is there between the company and us is accommodation style. That is the company knew it would lose employees is they lowered salary but insisted on reducing it for the relationship that existed between the company and the people of the community.

When it comes to the interrogative bargain, it is the case where the negotiators achieve intended goals without having to leave any party worse than the other. It aims at making sure both parties are at a neutral ground. In our case, therefore, the company wanted to ensure a good relationship with its employees. Managers tried to explain the reason as to why they are lowering the salaries of the individuals and also tried to elaborate where the money that will be deducted from them will be used. All this was done to enable both the parties to agree. The main aim was an avoidance of the conflict. It was a win-lose situation for the company as it would lose some of its employees, but through the work, it was doing to the community it would acquire new investors who would facilitate its development. Apart from that, we had no power which meant that the company expected its final rule to be followed without opposing.

Apart from that, there is the case of creating value where the negotiators work together to make sure that their necessities are met by increasing the value through collaboration, creativity, and expanded efficiency. With this one of the things that the company is seen doing is trying to win some of the employees to help explain to others. Through this, the company would be able to retain most of its employees and at the same time engage in its projects. Another thing that made collaboration effective was the low number of employees which made to easy when it came to making the final decision. In order for proper collaboration the firm would adopt regular meetings to discuss challenges affecting them, expression of feelings that are strong by both parties, proper framing and listening skills by both the parties and sharing of the activities between the parties which meant the employees of the company and managers would work share roles at some point.

Another part is the one on the integrative bargaining. This one ensures that the parties involved end up in a win-win situation. To be able to do this one must separate the people from the problems. That is the people of the community were supposed to be left out, and both the parties, employees and the managers of the company get to decide what is best for them and how to go about it. This can be done through direct negotiations which mean employees were coming up and facing the company's manager directly and airing out the problems that were affecting us. Apart from that, there is an open door policy where the employee can go to any manager in case his or her issues are not addressed and solved by the previous office he or she visited. Through this, both the managers and the employees will be able to, and they will have their equal share.

On the other hand, is the case of anchoring number ("Structural Sources of Conflict in Organizations," n.d.). This is the number that the buyer or seller uses to make a sale. What is recommended is that you let the other side make an anchoring number if you are not familiar with the environment. Apart from that there is asking price which is the initial offer by each party in the negotiations. From this instance, the managers needed the employees to agree on the decline in their salaries so that the company would be able to fund corporate social responsibilities. For this, to work effectively, there was a need of facilitation. This is where the company would look for an individual whether inside or outside to lead the discussion between the employees and managers in a manner that is neutral. Facilitators, in this case, are supposed to be neutral, be useful in time management, easy in creating agendas which in this case was on a salary of employees and be able to listen actively to both parties.

From what one has seen above; therefore, he or she can conclude that conflict is something that occurs in day to day life and one should be prepared to handle it. For instance in our case, one should engage in the activities that lead to the solution of the conflict such as brainstorming that allows people thinks broadly on matters resulting to the conflict and how do cub them. Apart from that, there is the back casting where the parties' facilitator or even the mediator get to think of the future in which there is the solution of the problem,


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