Essay Example Describing Personal Leadership Training

Published: 2022-02-16
Essay Example Describing Personal Leadership Training
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An effective personal leadership training is essential since it aids in the realization of an individual's full potential. It involves building on strengths, the improvement of self-image and motivation, dealing with past challenges, learning leadership skills, development of appropriate action plan and preparation of leadership opportunities in the future among others. Some experiences will play a critical role my becoming a strong leader. I have been involved in a project with the responsibility of supervising a team of ten. It included the management of schedules, training and even mentoring tasks. Through these functions, I was able to improve my communication skills, ability to motivate others and dedication to goals. Ultimately, this means I am a team player, and these are some experiences that will make me a strong leader.

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I have been involved in a company restructuring with the aim of improving operational efficiency, customer services, and employee performance. The changed was meant to ensure that the new objectives were realized and aligned with the vision. Despite the good intentions of change initiatives, there was a problem in that the culture already in place was not supporting the change (Codreanu, 2010). The staff had a substantial attachment to their environment, and this resulted in some resistance. There was also communication problems between employees and the management and this threatened the successful implementation of the change.

Having experienced the resistance to change and breakdown in change implementation. I advised management to employ some strategies to improve change implementation. These included effective allocation of resources, engage all the stakeholders, and everyone should be prepared to sustain the change (Lunenburg, 2012). After the implementation of these strategies, the change was ultimately successful.

In my future career, change will be inevitable. Kotter's 8-Step Process will be important in managing the change (Naveed, et al., 2017). Through this process, I will be able to find a problem or a solution to a problem and then utilize engaging situations to change my behavior. I will apply the Kotter's 8-Step Process starting with the creation of the urgency around the need for change which helps in establishing a purpose and getting things moving. The second step entails the formation of a powerful coalition which includes identifying key stakeholders and creating a team. The third step includes the creation of a vision for change and strategy. The forth step entails the communication of the change vision. The fifth step will involve empowerment of the action which involve eliminating obstacles to change by establishing and managing resistance to the change (Naveed et al., 2017). The sixth step entails creating quick wins since success is motivation for more success. The seventh step will include building on change which involves consolidating the gains and generating even more change. The last step in the process is making the change part of the culture by institutionalizing the new approaches to the culture of the organization (Naveed et al., 2017).


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