Lab Report Example

Published: 2019-11-04
Lab Report Example
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Observation: The wet streak disappears after some time

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Q1. The disappearance is due to the breakup of small particles from the rest that make up the alcohol

Q2. The tiny air particles are in the room are in random motion and therefore collide with alcohol particles thus breaking them from the others. With time the particles are broken off each other and the streak disappears. Thus air and alcohol are made up of tiny particles that are in constant random motion. If the alcohol were a continuous macroscopic object, it would never disappear.

Part B.


Q1. NO. The particles that make up the solid drink mix have not disappeared but have moved to occupy spaces that are available in water

Q2. The submicroscopic particles of water move randomly and collide with the solid drink mix and transfer some energy to the solid particles and some particles break off the crystal and begin to move and occupy the tiny spaces available in water. At first, the solid appears as one unit then starts to spread in water and finally spreads uniformly in water. This shows that the tiny particles occupy all the available spaces in water and begin to move with tiny particles of water which are also in constant random motion

Part C.

Observation: The balloon smells vinegar.


Q2. The smell will not be felt. This is because Mylar balloons have no tiny spaces (not porous)to allow the submicroscopic particles to escape from inside

Part D

Q1. The variations in volumes


Possible explanation Test Results if explanation is correct Results if explanation is incorrect

John poured some water during the experiment Repeat the procedure without John The expected volume will be read The same volume obtained by John might be read again

The alcohol and water evaporated Repeat the experiment carefully using a covered volumetric flask The volume in the flask will not change The level reduced in the flask

Activity 1a

Macroscopic observations:

The color of the tea turns brown after a while and the size of the tea bag increases


The tea is composed of submicroscopic particles that move to occupy the spaces in the liquid. In addition, the packet is made up of tiny particles and thus not continuous thereby allowing tiny particle of tea to diffuse from it into the liquid and the liquid into the packet. These particles are in motion and that is why they were able to travel across the packets tiny spaces.

The particles are still there but the order of arrangement of individual particles in the mixture is what makes the color to appear green

The pixels appear in different range of colors with tiny spaces between them.

Explanation 1: Difference in material

The balloon containing helium must be having spaces within its rubber material that allowed the tiny particles of helium to pass through in their random motion while the one that contained air must have been a continuous material without any space to allow the air particles to escape.

Explanation 2: content The content in the He balloon remained the same since it was the only substance and the rate of collision with balloon walls remained the same. The air balloon on the other hand had a mixture of gases with different speeds and with time the rate of collision with the balloon walls increased thus making it bigger.

Possible test: interchange the contents of the balloon

Expected outcome if Explanation 1 is correct: balloon containing helium will be bigger than that containing air

Expected outcome if Explanation 2 is correct: Balloon containing air will be bigger than that containing helium.

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