Essay Sample on Employee's Attitudes

Published: 2023-01-17
Essay Sample on Employee's Attitudes
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How would you describe the attitudes and emotions of the typical QuikTrip employee? How do these attitudes and emotions influence employees' work behaviors?

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As the company of QuikTrip continues to employ some serious motivation factors in the company, the employees in the company react positively to the changes, as they hope to get satisfied at the end of the implementation. The company is trying to offer training opportunities for its employees so that they can have a vast number of opportunities to work on. The main aim of the company is to ensure that employees get retained in the company so that they can possibly control the potential rate of turnover for the employees.

For this reason, they are looking at all the potentials and capabilities of the employees to achieve that. The positive attitude of the employees influences the performance of their work behavior positively. As the company tries to install all the changes in its system, the employees can also be striving so hard while undertaking their activities to get them retained by the company, and also, to give them chances of enjoying all the benefits of the company. Generally, the positive attitude can improve the employees' morale of work, this may, in turn, help the company to achieve its organizational goals and objectives. In many working setups, employees usually prefer to work in groups or in a team-like, by following the work ethical behaviors, rules and guidelines by the company, so that they can create a healthy working environment that can possibly motivate worker to either join or maintain their positions or duties for the company as missioned by the quick trip company.

How would you describe the attitudes of Chester Cadieux regarding QuikTrip's employees? What implications do Cadieux's attitudes have for how he manages the company and leads the employees?

Chester's main attitude in QuikTrip Company is to make the company most dominant among other competitors dealing in the same industry in the market. QuikTrip company specifically deals with gasoline, and thus Chester mission is to make it the most convenient one in the market, to enable it to retain its employees, and even make them better while in the company. Making QuikTrip gasoline store the most convenient in the market, may also help Chester achieve his aims of having many employees in the company.

Just like other employees, Chester as the manager also has a positive attitude on his employees. In defense of this statement, Chester personally believes that making employees work in his company for longer duration is the most important thing among all. He adds that by, having the employees serve in the company for a longer time, they will progressively gain a lot of experience in dealing with the same, and this can help the organization to achieve its organizational goals and objectives.

To successfully achieve this, Chester offers his employees several advantages that aim at satisfying the customer's needs and specifications. These advantages include; seniority awards, Christmas bonus, reimbursement tuition fee, paid sabbaticals among many others (Tietjen, & Myers, 1998). Due to the positive attitude of Chester Cadieux, QuikTrip company needs to adopt some other managing team with similar interests and goals that can work effectively with the ethical guidelines in the workplace not only help in achieving the company's goals but a lot to help in orienting the employees towards the right direction as the main aim of the QuikTrip manager, Chester, states.

How might the employees' attitudes and emotions influence how they deal with customers from an ethical perspective?

Logically, it is always believed that the greatest tool in any organization to help in achieving the goals is maintaining customer satisfaction (Hennig-Thurau, 2004). Customer satisfaction is the major factor that employers should always take not on, to help them drive their goals successfully. This happens because customer satisfaction leads to the satisfaction of the customers. politically, many states and countries believe that people are the building block of a country, likewise, customers are the building blocks that any business setup must have right, in order to advance. With the employee satisfaction in QuikTrip Company, many customers were attracted and in almost all cases, those attracted customers became loyal customers for the organization and this consequently improved the company toward achieving its success.

The positive attitudes and emotions of the employees made them produce high-quality products and services for the company's customers. Besides, the company stresses the close interaction between employees and customers and considers every employee as essential to the company by offering them an equal number of shares for the distinct category of workers. The close interaction also helps the company to compete favorably with other players in the market, and outshine them. Dominating in the market can also build a good profile for QuikTrip Company. This can also help in attracting other customers hence making the company earn a huge amount of profit and become leaders as highlighted in the company's vision.

What useful lessons can other companies learn from QuikTrip's recipe for success?

By following keenly on the activities of QuikTrip company, beginning from the leadership qualities that Chester showed as the company's manager, the close relation between him and the employees, and eventually with the customers, the sorts of motivation factors that he offered to the employees and all these sorts of implementations that helped the company gain its success, other companies can adapt the following to help them improve accordingly ion their fields of operation;

That employees are the primary assets of a business, therefore, a company needs to invest in them to be able to achieve success. In addition, a company must learn to invest in the existing employees by equipping them with all the necessary skills and knowledge required to undertake operations within and outside the company with an aim of achieving the organizational goals.

Employees need to be motivated to make them perform their operations efficiently. Offering compensation policies, training services, and other development programs are among the motivational services. The company must, therefore, understand that, in business, the major players or the biggest portion of the operation usually entail employees and customers. Making employees get satisfied, is, therefore, a proper way of attracting customers, whose existing benefits are normally indisputable.

The company must also employ the use of proper methodologies while hiring employees for the company. It must ensure that the selected individuals have attained some level of ethical value requirements in a workplace, to make it easy for the training team in the company to handle their training sessions (Fraser et al., 2010, pp.420-426).

Finally, any company must advise its employees to always work in teams and combined work leads to combined knowledge and skills, which lead to the production of high-quality services and products.


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