Part 1: Thesis

Published: 2023-01-03
Part 1: Thesis
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The discovery of America and the passage to the East Indies has served as two significant historical events having a great transformative impact on the humankind. The discovery is significantly based on its contribution to the growth and development of industries The surplus produced in Europe was consumed in the American market. It, therefore, helped in ringing two different worlds together.

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Part 2: Outline

a) Major Aspects of the Old and the New World exchanges

i). Supplementation of various goods; it involved the production and transfer of goods from one part of the world to another thus supplementing goods.

ii). Emerging trade platforms and routes; the new world introduced the technology-based platforms instead of the traditional routes used by the old world.

iii). Demand and supply; the needs of the societies in the world determined the demand for the goods needed, and this was a great aspect of the world exchanges.

b) Specific Groups affected by the Old and the New World exchanges

i). Merchants; they benefitted from the exchange since they had the opportunity to control most of the trading activities.

ii). The consumers; the effects on the consumers were felt as most of their needs were met by improved access to goods and services.

iii). Governments; the governments of various countries involved benefitted since the activities helped in achieving economic stability.

iv) Suppliers; the suppliers go the opportunity to have increased income since the activities of exchange were very significant.

v) Middlemen; the middlemen had a role to play and existed in the form of multinationals which connected the producers and consumers. They had a considerable way of generating incomes

c) Impact of the new global trade routes

i). Lifestyle improvement; the trades offered networks which involved the average African colonies who subsequently had the opportunity to participate.

ii). New opportunities; the average Americans had the chance to get new opportunities in accounting and management.

iii). Workforce overexploitation; the increase in demand for products ensured that the American colonies had more work or more earnings.

iv). Accessing great diversity of goods; they were able to get a variety of goods which helped them to meet their needs.

v). Enhanced specialization among the American workers; the average American workers were allowed to specialize in various fields hence a good number were distributed in various types of work.


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