Response to Diversity at PepsiCo, Free Essay

Published: 2022-02-18
Response to Diversity at PepsiCo, Free Essay
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At PepsiCo Inc., there is the recognition that supporting engagement and diversity is not the only appropriate course of action. Rather, they are the correct thing to do for PepsiCo's business. This dedication is integrated with its values and the guiding approach of Winning with Purpose vision. PepsiCo identifies that the company is the strongest when the company embraces humanity. PepsiCo's approach to diversity means building a more inclusive and diverse work environment and promoting engagement within the organization (Rama, Han, & Hessels, 2018). PepsiCo was among the first organizations to understand the importance of people of colour working within the target market and the workplace. The former and present Chief Executive Officers have focused on transforming PepsiCo's whole culture. PepsiCo has identified that there was no actual representation of demographics where their products were being marketed. Through PepsiCo's approach to diversity and inclusion, the company hopes to create a workplace culture where all people, regardless of gender, race and ethnicity, have a platform to express their skills (Jones, 2017). The effect is that many consumers will become loyal to the brand while also significantly improving the company's profit margins.

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The strategic plan adopted by PepsiCo to ensure diversity and inclusion is working to the best interest of the organization. For example, the company understands that it is important for the law to have integrity and credibility, especially in societies that think the law is against them. The strategic approach is working for the company because of its financial results and increased competitive advantages (Samdanis & Ozbilgin, 2019). PepsiCo has gained a competitive advantage from its rivals as its policies are adopted to cater for people of all ethnicity, unlike other companies in the same industry.


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