Free Essay on Personal Code of Ethics

Published: 2023-02-10
Free Essay on Personal Code of Ethics
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Our systems of ethics and values which form the basis of decision-making tool and personal guide in decisions, behaviors, and responses and well as our professional lives, is majorly variable and adaptable. Most of the values that were inculcated in a person during their childhood may become reflexes and habits, which may start to unconsciously operate at some levels until they become old. In the past when the world and the society were closed places for many of the populations, a good proportion of people not having journeyed to the adjacent cities, the moral and ethical values which is an object inside a certain culture or society, had neutral protection that emanated from isolation and segregation. With the exceptional technological advancements in technology, society and culture across the world have interacted like never seen before. This demanded to cross-reference of ethics and values which are dominant across different societies in varied continents and countries. The interactions have led to great awareness for questioning of the prevailing systems of values and embracing the one they feel is the best system across the globe which an individual may deem as suitable for them. This has made individuals more flexible and adaptable in the approaches resulting in every change in behaviors, values, and thinking. With the economic globalization, a person is needed to work in the world organizations with cultures and values systems which might be external from the ones prevailing in an individual. This has made people follow dual systems of values; one meant for suiting professional life while the other one meant for personal life and interaction. I am not exceptional from most people who have been exposed to the global culture via global employment and interactions with social media.

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Maintaining the basic values of integrity, honesty, diligence, discipline, compassion, and patriotism which in most cultures are common, is quite simple and easy on the personal front. Though, the very perception of cultural values may vary significantly especially in a business environment inside global organizations. Because of these perceptional variances, values are subjected to some modifications with honesty, as one might have known, no longer bears the same meaning. Most values might be modifiable similarly, hence acquiring a meaning that is different from its original meaning. This might not be a completely wrongful or immoral act but merely is in the organization's would be very difficult for organizations to thrive without such changes in the current environments. The question that I feel is relevant for me individually is, how far and much is it acceptable. After I had recovered from the initial shock that was triggered by exposure in the professional world to a completely varied definition of values and morality, I, therefore, decided to create some vital decisions.

I commenced an in-depth assessment of my values including what was truly important to me as an individual, which were values I was ready to compromise to some degree and which ones would not be subjected to any modification. After a thorough soul search, I decided that any difficult situation I had been faced with involved deciding based on ethics, I would question myself who would be impacted by that decision, is the decision harmful to the individuals impacted and how would they be impacted. Since then, I have made use of simple processes and I can say that it has been very successful since I am yet to be subjected to guilt pangs concerning bad decisions that may cause harm to another person.

The situations which made me undergo an in-depth soul search and decide to take firm decisions were due to the background from where I grew. I was brought up in New York in a neighborhood that was very poor and got brought up with much integrity issues that I never knew I had until when I became older and went to work in army for sometimes. I was brought up in an environment where I thought stealing was just something normal and that it was never bad. This is because I could see some of my elder cousins and friends doing it and nothing bad could happen to them. I could sell loose cigarettes, during my teens, to be in a position of getting some money for buying some meals at McDonald. The practice continued for sometimes until when I became mature in mind and could properly reason. Furthermore, I got a friend's advice that made me view myself as having done a lot of harm to society. This made to be mentally tormented and disturbed concerning my past doings. The encounter with my friend marked a very significant event in my life which made me make a lot of improvements in my code of ethics by creating a clear system for values for my life that I have to follow throughout my professional life. Currently, I stay in Houston and I work as a supervisor at the post office. The modifications I made in my life has made me have good morals and I decided never to repeat the same things I did in the past but constantly put my focus on working hard to move up in my career ladder and make for my family a better place in this world. I currently advocate for good values and practices that are friendly to the society at large. It is in my opinion that values should not be modifiable within a personal life since this could lead in new trends that can be followed by every generation hence resulting in a product that might not be recognized or accepted by the society.

I can admit that the original values that were inculcated in me by my parents were eroded by my environment hence resulted in a value that was bad and unacceptable. Society should strive to preserve their original true values and create awareness of their importance to every incoming generation. Values that have been negatively affected by changes brought by technologies and cross-cultural interactions should be revisited if at all they may not mean well to the society. Even though global interactions may have some significant influence on the core values of a person, one should take care and embrace only values that can best serve them and cause no harm to the society and the environment. This should not make them shun their original core values. Occasionally, individuals should reflect on their prevailing code of ethics and make changes where necessary. This will ensure that their core ethical values such as integrity, honesty, diligence, discipline, patriotism, and compassion are never soiled but are preserved.

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