Essay Example: An Analysis of FedEx's Communication Strategy

Published: 2023-10-10
Essay Example: An Analysis of FedEx's Communication Strategy
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Effective communication in an organization gets defined as the foundation for creating a successful organization (Singh, 2015). Effective communication fosters teamwork and competence by informing and clarifying the employee’s job description and its role in meeting the organization's objectives. Communication is also significant in enhancing the organization's performance since it helps convey information from managers to employees, thus ensuring an efficient decision-making process. Effective communication in an organization gets characterized by a competent communication system guided by managerial proficiency in delivering and receiving messages. This essay seeks to research, analyze, and highlights communication strategies used by the management and leaders at FedEx to guide and meet the organization’s objectives.

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Communication Strategy Analysis

Downward Communication Strategy

FedEx Company employs a downwards communication strategy. The downwards communication approach is characterized by a flow of information from senior management to lower management and other employees. FedEx’s downward communication strategy entails the use of written manuals, handbooks, policies, and oral presentations. For instance, in 2019, FedEx CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Frederick W. Smith revised the code of conduct and offered a written manual for his employees to read and implement (FedEx, 2019). He directed departmental leaders and managers to promote the principles established in the code (FedEx, 2019). FedEx's senior management communicated and explained the organization's mission and strategy and vision using the downward communication approach. “The effective implementation of the downward communication approach offered employees a clear understanding of the message they had received” (Genç, 2017). Its effectiveness gets identified from the employees' actions and continued positive customer feedback on service delivery by the organization.

The downward communication approach was a success since the organization enjoyed better coordination characterized by improved individual performances, an aspect that got identified from the development of intelligent participation. FedEx’s employees also registered improved morale while undertaking their assigned duties, which improved consumer relations. Through regular presentation and oral communications, managerial communications played the primary role of motivating employees; it imposed a sense of loyalty towards organizational development.

Despite the approach being sufficient when used by the organization’s CEO, managers should not use it within the organization. The downward communication approach gets characterized by poor communication feedback and message distortion difficulties (Djunaedi, Febrian, Agustina, Suryani, & Nalibratawati, 2020). It entails the message traveling one-way, characterized by commands getting executed by the organization’s leaders. Thus, employees are deprived of the opportunity to communicate any concerns, grievances, or ideas they might have to enhance the organization's performance (Djunaedi et al., 2020). Considering the complex managerial structure adopted by the organization, the downward communication approach triggered inadequate communication.


In conclusion, FedEx effectively utilized the downwards communication strategy through its CEO. FedEx’s management played a pivotal role in knowledge sharing, which ensured employees completed their tasks to meet the organization's goals. Through the downward communication approach, employees undertook their tasks competently. Nonetheless, FedEx should consider employing a mixed communication approach to enhance and provide for employees to communicate their feedback. It can be attained by the introduction of a down-up communication approach.


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