Free Essay: Pay Gap Between Women and Men in the Film and Television

Published: 2019-09-09
Free Essay: Pay Gap Between Women and Men in the Film and Television
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Many types of researches have established the wage gap between women and men in the film and television industry. This has been attributed to the rate of discrimination that is experienced in that industry. Some people argue that men are more favored compared to women as their pay is always higher than most of the women in the same industry. This paper will discuss the pay gap between women and men in the television industry.

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Patricia Arquette was one of the vocal film and actresses that have tried to set the table straight by advocating for people to try and discuss the matter in public. She argues in most cases that this topic has been ignored for many years making people believe that everyone who is in that industry is contented with the pay rate between the two genders. In her program, she tried to advocate for people to come up especially those women who feel that they are undermined, and yet they are performing better than men. She believes that she has a role to play in fighting for the rights of the females when it comes to film and television industry. This is because of the way that people have shunned away from such topics. It requires that attitude of a brave person to put healthy campaign and try to convince the public on this matter. In the past, several people have tried to come out and ensure equality in this sector, but they have end up being paid off making them forget about the main issue.

Arquette knew that the best place to bring up the topic to attract the audience of a larger population was in Academy award ceremony. This is a function that usually happens every year, and it brings together more than one thousand actors, actresses and major stakeholders in that industry. She knew that by bringing out the topic in such an occasion, the audience, and the media would take it more serious. In her acceptance speech after she is worn award, she explained to the people the huge difference between the pay rate of women and female. She explained that it was time to bring out equality in the films and television industry for all genders. She went ahead to give an example of some of the outstanding women who have played a big role in that industry, yet they have not been recognized by being paid well like their counterpart who are male.

Advantage of ensuring equality

Arquette explained that women make almost a half of the American population and that most of them are the breadwinners of their houses. She revealed that women earn 78 percent of every dollar a man takes homes. If women had a better pay in the country, then it would change the landscape drastically. It is established that women are more concerned on how to manage their financial resources compared to males. Most of the males usually spend such money in many luxurious things, unlike women who will focus on improving the conditions of their families. Patricia Arquette goes further to explain that the economy of a country will majorly depend on the wage rate of women. This is because the women will have a direct impact on the lives of their children compared to the males. In most cases, women tend to ensure that their children can attain the best education for them to become successful people in the future. Children also tend to observe their mothers more keenly compared to their fathers. Patricia Arquette elaborates to the people that on various occasions, she had tried to discuss that matter with the actresses who have been undermined in that sector (Patricia Arquette on why we can't Doom Our Daughters To Another Generation Of Low Pay). She explained the many hardships that they were experiencing as a result of the lower pay rate compared to the men. This has even demotivated some of them to venture into other things that would make them to be able to provide a better lifestyle for their families.


These issues of the pay gap between women and male have been of primary concern in different aspects in the country. People have tried to urge the Senate to formulate policies that would ensure equality when it comes to paying rate. The law should state clearly the right amount that every person should be paid despite the gender difference. When it comes to films and television industry, the governing body should sit down and discuss the ways to improve the pay rate of with women. The best recommended strategy that can help to ensure equality is the issue of penalties for any stakeholder who is reported to undermine women when it comes to their pay rate. Women should also be given a platform in which they can advocate for their rights when it comes to payment. There should be a transparent device by which they can report any incident that they are not pleased.

Dockterman in her statement argues that there has been a slow pace that the organization has tried to tackle that matter of the pay gap between women and men. She explained that since 1968, the governing body has come up with measures that have taken many years for to be implemented. This has led to the women to suffer for those many years without getting solutions to their problems (Arquette and Chris). She explained that it was time for the women to unite and ensure that there is equality when it comes to the pay rate in the movies and film sector. Women have to come and fight as one for their voices to be heard. In the past, individuals have tried to fight for such rights, but they were defeated because they lacked support from other women who could have made a difference if they stood together. Women have been postponing this topic every time they were promised a change of the situation. She explained that now was the perfect time for their voices to be heard and make a difference to their entire generation (Berg).


The issue of the pay gap between the women and men in the films and movie industry is not a new topic as several female has tried to fight for these rights in the past. The best way of ensuring that there is equality in this sector are women forming activist groups that would pressure the stakeholder to make sure that their rights are respected like those for the men.

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