Free Essay Example on Why People Take Pictures

Published: 2023-02-14
Free Essay Example on Why People Take Pictures
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Pictures have a unique feature in that they communicate to us without necessarily writing words. They are worth a thousand words since they carry a summary of the activities of people. Therefore, pictures are new ways to communicate with friends and other people nowadays. For example, social media platforms are full of pictures that people post. The pictures posted in such sites communicate to the public about the subject.

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When one feels the beauty of a moment, he or she will develop the urge to capture such moments and keep the memories. Taking photographs is the best way to save memory or a moment. Every photo taken holds a story behind it; therefore, photography is a significant tool that one can use to revisit his or her memories and capture new ones. For that reason, photographs also serve as a point of reference.

Taking photographs is like going out to fish for fun. It is something that people do for enjoyment and does not care whether they catch fish or not. Therefore, taking photographs is a form of enjoyment for some people. They go out to have the fun of taking pictures and enjoy themselves. Photography is also a reason to go out and see things, feel them and appreciate nature on a particularly nice day

There is always a natural feeling that people have when they see something beautiful. They will feel a desire to hold it. For instance, when you see something beautiful, you will develop a feeling and desire to claim or even own it and share it with other people. Taking photos of things you love usually creates a feeling and desire of sharing them with others.

Taking photographs can make a person be an artist as it allows people to express themselves through an art form. When one notices something beautiful such as a beautiful landscape or an older man's lined face, he or she will be tempted to capture it. Every person will have his or her reason for doing so, but everyone wants to come up with something. However, creating an image make people artists since it enhances creativity among individuals.

Photographs are also taken to communicate or to express emotions that people have about something or an event. Photographs play a great role in expressing emotions such as joy, sorrow, wonder, or even sympathy. Therefore, every human emotion can be expressed in photography.

Taking photographs is also a way of telling a story; some images can transport an individual to different time and places. For instance, some people love taking pictures to express themselves through a camera and use the pictures as an extension to tell stories that people want to hear and remember. For example, when one takes a picture when in a vacation, it will tell a story of all that was experienced during the vacation. Therefore, photographs complement the stories we tell about our experiences and the experience of others.

Photographs also serve as factual evidence of an event. In most occasions, we take photos to serve as evidence that an event occurred. Pictures provide a real image of a person or an event, and therefore, they provide factual evidence when required by court or any other investigative agencies.

Generally, photographs are communication devices that complement written and verbal information. They serve a great role in storing memories of great events that a person undergoes in his or her entire life. Photographs are also taken as a form of enjoyment and having fun. Therefore, people should take pictures and store them safely in albums to avoid losing important memories in life.

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