Pat & Tiffany Character Sketch - Free Essay in Literature

Published: 2017-12-15
Pat & Tiffany Character Sketch - Free Essay in Literature
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Tiffany character sketch example

Tiffany’s character in the “Silver linings Playbook” is one that exhibits lots of dark humor and brokenness. I find this role particularly drawing given how Tiffany’s actions are interpreted among people in the society. Because of the beliefs and virtues that exist in the society, she experiences lots of criticism for failing to abide by the virtues and beliefs. For example, in one scene, she admits to sleeping with the staff in her office due to the depression she has succumbed to after the death of her husband. Although this act is honest on her part, she ends up revealing unacceptable behavior that makes people view her differently. Therefore, instead of forgiving her for being honest, they dub her a slut. However, the most interesting thing about Tiffany is that she does not let all this negative attention derail her. Instead, she questions why people should judge her. Moreover, she does not find it necessary to concern herself with what people think of her.

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When she meets Pat, she discovers that he is afraid of dubbing her a slut because he is trying to improve his image so that he can get back with his wife. By doing this, Tiffany’s actions show what many people are afraid of doing by accepting the truth because they are afraid of what the society might think of them. On the other hand, Tiffany’s character is also artistic. A trait that she exhibits through her unending desire and love for dancing. Despite the fact that she is not a good dancer, she loves dancing because of the way it makes her feel. Also, she finds splendor in emotions and feelings because she believes, one can strive through them. Hence, she hopes Pat can connect to others through them even if they may make one vulnerable. Therefore, her character is supposed to show individuals how to be honest with themselves and everyone instead of conforming to certain behavior because it meets society’s expectations.

Pat character sketch template

Pat’s character is that of a former high school history teacher who now has a mental disorder. Before he was taken to a mental hospital, his dark side was unfortunately revealedwhen he nearly murdered a colleague whom he had discovered to be having an affair with his wife. In the movie, Pat has just completed his stay in mental hospital and has just movedback to his parents’ house. Pat has an intermittent explosive disorder, which he seems to have inherited from his father. However, he wants to get back with his wife and as a result, he comes up with a plan, which involves losing weight, and reading books to become more attractive to his wife.

In an attempt to achieve his plan’s objectives, Pat encounters several disappointments. For example, while reading Farewell to Arms by Hemingway, he ends up thrusting the book out the window because he does not like the end. This kind of disappointment tends to provoke his explosive disorder because afterwards, he goes ahead to wake his parents at four in the morning by bursting open their bedroom door while protesting Hemingway’s finish. However, the series of disappointing events come to an end when Pat is invited by a friend’s wife to meet Tiffany, who has also suffered from depression. During their first meet, they end up discussing the effects of psychiatric drugs and Pat discovers Tiffany is the right kind of person to confide in despite her past. After the meet, Pat’s recovery is evident because he begins to accept his disorder. Also, he is able to take on his duties and hobbies given he agrees to work with Tiffany to help her prepare for the dance competition. Pat’s character therefore illustrates how one can find peace in life when no one else seems to understand you. However, his character also emphasizes the need for one to be honest with him or herself in order to find peace.

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