Cultural Anthropology Essay Sample: The Ceremony of the Award of Certification

Published: 2022-05-26
Cultural Anthropology Essay Sample: The Ceremony of the Award of Certification
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The primary participants in the ceremony are the leader of the ytisrevinu and the students. On observation, the leader is usually an honored old person categorized in the baby boomers age and should be a male with considerable height and body. The students who are typically teenagers and young adults are called out according to their learning groups and then alphabetically by their surname. Ceremonies planners will request sdnaudarg to move from their sitting positions to the side of the stage, and then onto the stage for the presentation. Therefore, they are asked to wait at the marked spot until the calling of individual's name and then signaled to walk across the stage to the leader of the ytisrevinu and receive their eerged. The participant is required to raise the headwear known pac as he/she approaches the leader of the learning institution. Then a person is required to touch the tip of the pac, then shake the leader's hand, receive your empty folder representing the eerged and walk away from the stage.

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According to the observations, the participants stand and majestically walks to the podium for the award of various eerged. The awards differ from the level of educations which comprises kindergarten kids, the high school level, the associated degree holders, the college degree and the university degree holders. The kindergarten graduates qualify for the high school placement, while the high school graduates qualified for the place either in the associate program or the college degree program. Due to the unique dress code, the ceremonies have now extended to other institutions like middle, elementary and kindergarten sloohcs. Essentially, the other graduates got initiated to adulthood and leadership. As observed, various graduates were ready for job postings. For instance, the jobs where the available for the criminology degree comprises of the prison officer, social worker, police officer, detective, local government officer among and probation officer.

After the award of certification, one of the elders proceeded to give the speech to the entire community for a long duration of time. As he finished speaking, he asked of the participants wearing those weird garments of clothes to come up. The two continue to talk in procession while the rest of the crowd remained silent. While the elder concludes the speech, the procession of those coming to age begun where they passed in front of the group to get the piece of paper which indicated the rite of the passage referred to as the tribe amolpid. The end of the ceremony gets marked by the actions of the graduates where they throw the head-dresses to the air. Putting this into perspective, it implies the liberation that they have acquired, freedom from books but the fact the head-dress will fall back implies the ensuing responsibilities in the workplace. For instance, taking this from a criminology student point of view, the liberation comes from the fact that the individual will no longer restrain from the classroom coursework, but the fieldwork challenges associated with criminology will face them. After the action, the music ensues while they proceed back to their seats passing in front of the community.

In conclusion, the ritual can be said to be highly structured and exhibits a lot of cultural symbolism. In retrospect, it is a fundamental passage for every member if the community. Additionally, it is significant because of its consideration as an initiation of the graduates into adulthood, leadership and various elders league within the community. Most lucratively, it prepares the graduates of criminology to face the struggles which they will encounter while performing their jobs.


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