Free Essay Example on Political Science

Published: 2019-11-08
Free Essay Example on Political Science
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Part I: Secrets of Body Language

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Interpersonal communication is important in developing society. A lot can be communicated through body language. Using the experience of those who understand the importance of body language, Secrets of Body Language seeks to provide deeper knowledge of important historical moments. In the same vein, it is submitted that 93 percent of all communication is through gesture, facial expression and body movement, not words. There are three significant aspects in the video. One is that it provides different cases of body language in action, for instance summit meetings between Bill Clinton, Yasser Arafat and Ehud Barak (Secrets of Body Language). In every example, body posture and movement demonstrate underlying skepticism and tensions. Secondly, there are parts in the documentary driven by celebrities like Britney Spears and Brad Pitt (Secrets of Body Language). These examples demonstrate cases of fluff. Of great significance are the sections that show the non-verbal characteristics of popular world and corporate leaders who make successful deals or New York Police Department (NYPD) members whose intuition for analyzing body language might imply the distinction between life and death (Secrets of Body Language). In summary, by understanding body language, one can have valuable relationship with others or profitable in regard to business.

Part II: Political Strategist and Hired Guns

An important concept in the studies about election campaigns and politics as a whole is the presentation of politics as a game that involves strategy. This brings to the fore the important role played by political strategists. Three things are evident in Karl Rove -- The Architect. The political history and strategy of a man who has been associated with the Bush administration is presented (Rove). His plans for Bushs reelection campaigns are provided. It is a base strategy aimed at mobilizing the ardent supporters of Bush to vote in large numbers. The other important thing about the video is revelation of Roves strategies (Rove). He uses micro-targeting by mobilizing the ardent supporters to come out in large numbers. He has also built groups and support by ensuring that complex policy is translated into concepts that can be easily understood. Moreover, he has used hardball politics using for instance attack ads (Rove). These strategies triggered a new impulse which has largely been used to transform the state of the American government. A major aspect in the video is the revelation that Rove has deeper knowledge of how the present conservative movement works.

Part III: Campaign Committees and Outside Groups

There are questions on whether campaigns matter. It has however been established that they matter in different ways. The major issues revolve around how when, where, for whom and why they matter. If I were a political strategist like Karl Rove advising a candidate in the 2016 presidential campaign, I would advise him or her focus on the issues that are affecting Americans directly or indirectly. In this regard, there are two major issues that would form the bulk of the campaign: the economy and the threat of terrorism (Pew Research Center Para. 1). These are two top concerns for the American voters. Generally, more than 84 percent of registered voters maintain that the subject on the economy will determine the choice of presidential candidate (Pew Research Center Para. 1). This is a very high percentage. On the other hand, 80 percent say that the subject on terrorism will be the main factor (Pew Research Center Para.1). I disagree with Roves approach to running campaigns. His campaign history demonstrates his desire to use savage methods especially when challenged. Despite criticism regarding his strategies, I would work for someone like Karl Rove. I always desire to be in the winning team and Karl is a go getter.

Part IV: Political Parties

The Green Party seeks to change the political landscape that is largely dominated by major corporations. There are four pillars that characterize the partys position (Green Party). They include: the need to guarantee global peace; achieve environmental sustainability; promote the principles of democracy; and uphold social justice (Green Party). I chose this group because I share in most of their goals. I desire to live in a peaceful world that promotes justice and equality. Most important is my strong belief in the fact that environmental conservation is important in determining the survival of the future generation. Globalization and the advent of information technology have changed the way things are done in the world today. In a world where most people are connected through the internet, it is much easier to mobilize a group towards achieving certain goals. Green Party acknowledges this fact and has used social media to enhance political participation. It has used the internet to sign members and update them on the partys activities (Green Party). In a nut shell, I would join this party as it would give me an opportunity to meet and work with like-minded people in making America and this world a better place.

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