Free Essay Sample on a Multicultural Society

Published: 2022-07-08
Free Essay Sample on a Multicultural Society
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State some of the benefits a multicultural society brings with it.

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Give examples of some of the cultures in existence in the society today e.g. corporate culture, gender culture, and work culture

Give the background story about culture and how it is of relevance in today's setting.

Examples of cultures which have dominated against other cultures e.g. gender culture dominating against a work culture or even a state culture dominating against a school culture.

How a certain culture supersedes other cultures in a multicultural society.

The various aspects of culture and how the fuel human interaction on a social level

The impact of culture on people's lives e.g. their work, how they communicate with each other, how human beings resolve conflicts, how human beings find a solution to a problem, and people interact with each other and form relationships and lastly in their mannerisms.


What do we mean by the term misconception?

How do the different cultures in a multicultural setting bring about a cultural misunderstanding

Example of a cultural misunderstanding e.g. how black people in America find emigrants from other countries like Jamaica "not to behave in a black like a manner" when they do not identify with being black though their country is supposed to be full of black people. N/B this should not infer that they identify themselves as white people.

Another example is that you may find it is highly possible for some white people in America to think the term emigrants only refer to black people.

Information to be collected and is relevant for the intervention process.

Data from the affected households will be collected.

This data will show how many students receive this kind of discipline.

If are any problems at home that may lead a parent to discipline in a manner no considered prudent in another culture

Observational data is the next crucial information to be collected. This data will communicate the following:

How this type of discipline that is impacted on these children has influenced them in their lives. Questions like are they better off or have become worse than before should be answered.

Is this discipline a repetitive thing or it is a once-off affair.

Stakeholder involvement over the matter and the roles they play.

Consultation with the teachers. I will first take views of the black teachers and record them in a separate form in order to get a feel for their point and whether it really makes sense. Then I will end with the views of the white teachers in the school on the matter.

The student's parents should also be consulted. They are the ones who care for these students and are in a good position to give information over the issue. In addition, it is these black parents who dish these unfavorable types of discipline toothier children thus it will be good to know why.

The local authority where the school is located should also be given a chance to speak on the matter.

Lastly, it should be wise have a chat with the students themselves to get tier feeling over the matter.


Cultural aspects to be taken into account include the belief in the community and the moral trait in existence in the community.

Culturally sensitive styles like societal change intervention and cross-sharing of problem.

Several facets of this incidence that is common in most misunderstandings in the world. They include:

  • Ignorance about other people's culture
  • The existence of a multicultural society
  • Opposing ideas.

Recommendations include:

  • Teachers to interact with parents and understand their cultures.
  • Establishment of days where the particular culture that is in existence in school can be celebrated.
  • Parents to attend seminars on ways of better disciplining your children
  • Tolerance of other peoples' culture in a multicultural society


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