Free Essay with Global Issues Discussions: Gender Equality

Published: 2022-09-16
Free Essay with Global Issues Discussions: Gender Equality
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The need to enhance and promote gender equality is a goal that has been globally various governments and international institutions (King, 2002). There seems to be a clear global pattern of inequality that always manifests itself many ways including violence against women and men to some extent in the hand of their partners, lagging by women in participation and representation in decision making, among many other issues. It will, therefore, require changes at many levels including changes in attitudes and relationships, changes in economic institutions and different levels if greater equality between men and women wore to be achieved (King, 2002).

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Gender issues for men and women include discriminatory attitudes, inequality in the domestic sector, and inequality within households, and gender division of labor within the economy among many others (King, 2002). The issues of discriminatory attitude affect both men and women. Within the household, most women are not given priority in decision making yet they can contribute significantly globally if given a chance. In the labor sector, some jobs for one particular gender. Such considerations never take into account the ability of the gender to even perform the task better than the other. In the historical study of gender within the international relations, analysis of gender offers a distinct perspective. Many scholars who focus on gender and international relation questions have brought a common understanding of how relationships of masculinity and femininity of gender are always implicated in international politics.

The significant similarity between feminist liberalism and feminist constructivism is both share similar key ideas in trying to create gender equality internationally. They, however, differ in that feminist liberalism mainly focuses on the ability of women to maintain power through their actions and choices while feminist constructivism focuses upon the study of how gender ideas can influence global politics.

Economic inequality is the difference that occurs in various measures of economic well-being among individuals, groups or communities. Economic inequality varies between societies, economic structure systems. Historical periods and systems. Poverty, on the other hand, is the financial state in which people are lacking or are unable to acquire some essential commodities that are important for their livelihood. Poverty includes both social, political and economic elements. Absolute poverty, on the other hand, is the type that mostly involves the scarcity of the essential commodities including food, water, shelter, healthcare, and educational information (Bellu & Liberati, 2005). It is the type of poverty that has an adverse economic consequence for individuals in a population.

Until today, inequality and underdevelopment continue in spite of economic growth driven by globalization. Such has attributed to different factors including income gaps between nations, labor mobility where individuals from less developed countries move to provide the much needed human labor in more developed countries (Klemer & Maskin, 2006). Factors like migration also contribute to inequality like what happened in the U.S which occurred due to the second inflow of labor. Such factors if not checked, inequality will continue to expand at a very faster rate globally.


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