Family and Addiction - Problem Solving Essay Example

Published: 2022-06-16
Family and Addiction - Problem Solving Essay Example
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Definition of the precursors

Exposure to addictive behavior - a family characterized by parents who abuse drugs or act violently against each other fosters an occurrence of an addictive behavior since a family is supposed to be a place that is supposed to act as a barrier between external pressure and danger.

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Emotional instability - the constant shift and instability either behavioral or emotionally in a family leaving members lost and unsure thus leading to addiction since they do not experience normalcy at home.


A good example of an addictive precursor from a personal experience occurred when I was part of an event team in my school that championed towards an addiction-free society. During the awareness program, most addicts admitted to having begun their journey in drug prone families where parents engaged in constant violent outbursts and physical harm to themselves. Besides, one teenage boy narrated how he ended up in the streets to be far away from home where he was unable to tolerate feeling lost and unsure about the future of his family. Something that makes him drink away his sorrows to try and forget what his family goes through.

Applying the criteria to the types of precursors

From the example above, we learn that it is hard for an individual to live a normal in future when in their early life, they were exposed to an addictive and violent behavior in their family environment. Second, the teenage boy was unable to tolerate his addictive family due to emotional instability at home. He ended up seeking refuge in drugs due to self-doubt.

Two types of Addictive Logic

Denial to reality

Learning to lie

Definition of two types of Addictive Logic

Denial of reality - Addicts to substances or alcohol will always come up with a way to justify addiction behaviors in their mind.

Learning to lie - While in an addictive family, members are taught not to betray their family when in the real sense one knows that insanity exists.


At many times, I have witnessed a number of my friends at entertainment joints emptying a number of alcoholic drinks then during the next day you find them having sustained injuries in the name of fun. You ask them about the injuries on the face and they go ahead and lie "I sustained this injury at my workplace, I know to handle myself when drunk!" In my mind, I always dismiss their claims

Applying the criteria to the types of Addictive Logic

In accordance with addictive logic, some of these friends are in denial where they come up with excuses to justify their addiction to alcoholism and drugs. Rather than seeing that their addictive behavior is the main cause of their misfortune, they treat alcohol as a remedy to their problems. From their replies, it is clear that they have mastered the art of learning to lie even when insanity exists in their face.

Work Cited

Nakken, Craig. Family and Addiction. Pp. 76-78

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