Paper Sample on Modification of Belief Systems

Published: 2023-12-25
Paper Sample on Modification of Belief Systems
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Leadership approaches can influence, instill new, or transform existing employee beliefs. Therefore, the level of empathy, respect, and trust that employees develop on one another depends on the beliefs cultivated by the style of leadership.

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Leadership styles may impede or promote employee communication and interaction, which in turn determines employee interpersonal relationships. Leadership styles dictate the form of governing policies that stipulates the employees' code of conduct, behaviors, and level of interaction.

Decision Making

Since leaders are the implementors of new decisions, the decision-making process relies heavily on their leadership approach, with a key focus on the extent of employees' involvement.

Leaders often adjust their leadership styles to fit their financial needs and attain their objectives; however, these approaches may have positive or negative impacts on employee's sensitivity to one another.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator provides information on the specific fields, departments, and roles that best suits people of a certain personality type. It provides insight regarding the work environments and work cultures that well-qualified employees seek in respect to their particular profession. It provides a general picture of how selected employees would naturally approach a project–planning, setting, and meeting deadlines and milestones, hence giving a general view of how departments would run.

Matches employees to the required attitudes, conduct, and personal attributes relevant to the day to day task execution. Provide insight into how an employee' unique personality preferences may manifest itself on the job in relation to job demand, salary, benefits, and education requirements for a certain profession.

Job Analysis

Human resource management determines the responsibilities and innate characteristics of specific job positions. This involves the identification of specific necessary experiences and skills needed for adequate job performance, determination of emerging trends in the industry and the job position, and foreseeing any future changes in skill requirements and forms of employment.

It also designs crucial frameworks that ensure that the available human resource is properly assigned and is maximumly utilized by establishing clear job descriptions and chain of commands, which ensures smooth organizational operations. HRM provides performance measurement and appraisal frameworks that generate and analyze data used in employee performance assessment, guiding the promotion, rewarding, or replacement process. It establishes the reward system in relation to the employee's position, roles, performance, and qualifications. Also, it is through this function that disciplinary guidelines are stipulated regarding behavior, conduct, and poor performance.

Human Resource Management is responsible for establishing the organizational training needs about its objectives. It therefore designs and initiates relevant training and development programs and evaluates its contribution to employee productivity.


Based on the HRM function of implementing employees reward systems, the HRM impacts employee selection by setting qualification limits with regard to the available financial resources.

Group dynamics refers to the internal and external forces that simultaneously impact a group's social structure by directly affecting each member's cognitive, behavioral, psychological, and emotional state in relation to their roles, hence defining the group's characteristics.

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