Essay Sample on Presentation: Coca-Cola Brand

Published: 2023-08-22
Essay Sample on Presentation: Coca-Cola Brand
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Slide 1: Company Name and Background

Coca-Cola has established itself globally as the best and most profitable drink maker. The company has since implemented effective marketing strategies. It ensures that a significant percentage of its revenue is sourced from markets out of the United States. The Coca-Cola brand is well known and associated with the red and white logo.

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Slide 2: Main Competitors

Over the years Coca Cola has been subject to seasonal competition. Pepsi has been established as the most significant competitor. The reasons for this is the distribution strategies implemented at Pepsi. There is the addition of effective marketing policies. Integration of these processes with appropriate sales priorities has assured the maintainable of their competitive stature—these aspects proving to significantly contribute to the levels of profitability experienced at the firm. Red Bull is the other competitor. It has since established itself with rapid growth as an energy drink company. The slogan “Redbull gives you wings” now well known globally. Its competition to Coca Cola arising from the brand valuation. The possibility of Red Bull products to be mixed with other desired products as per the want of consumers. The company also has a well-established distribution channel.

Slide 3: Main Target Market

The company doesn’t have a specific age bracket to target as their customers. They offer products that satisfy individuals as per their preferences. The youth have been observed as the major purchasers to coca-cola drinks (Singaram et al., 2019). There is, however, no specific age group that are targetted. As such, all of the company’s products offer varying levels of satisfaction go their customers. There are options of fanta, sprite and other products offering a variety of taste to their different customers. It is considering that the widespread to the company’s products to different regions.

Slide 4: Marketing Strategy of their Product or Service Provided

The company bases its marketing strategy on the 4 Ps. That is Product, Price, Promotion and Place. It is essential to understand how these concepts have been integrated into Coca colas operational framework.

Slide 5: Pricing Strategy

The film seeks a better reputation and assures the loyalty of its customers. It’s is by implementing a pricing strategy that offers rational prices to its products. It is with the comparison with those at its major competitors like Pepsi. The purpose of this is to ensure their prices aren’t so high. So that their customers can always afford their products, the prices shouldn’t also be so low to imply low quality to the firm’s products. Customers acquiring products in bulk offered discounts, thus at lower prices than those purchasing single items (Pratam, 2020).

Slide 6: Promotional Strategy

The company strives to drive better sales that will reflect on its revenue and experienced levels of profitability. Such can be assured by better advertising. The company observed to spend over $4 billion in their marketing approaches. The use of social media and internet ads added to their TV ads and frequent campaigns.

Slide 7: Place/Distribution Strategy

The Coca Cola company has established an extensive distribution system globally. Its products now sold for more than 200 countries. The corporation with local bottlers at these countries that assist in product distribution. These bottling partners establishing further relationships with other local outlets. In the name of the Coca Cola brand implementing localized strategies aimed at benefitting the company in general.

Slide 8: People

The company has a large number of employees. As such, there is a concentration on a more strategic approach to its human resource management. The target being to aid employees in career growth with an eventuality of satisfaction while working at the firm. It is after identification of the relevance of employees to assuring a better competitive advantage to its competitors (Sharman et al., 2019). The need to retaining employees, there is recognition and rewarding of individual performance.

Slide 9: Physical Evidence

There firm’s physical operations have been widespread all over the world. These are evident from the firm’s infrastructural establishment located almost everywhere: manufacturing setups, regional offices and its headquarters situated in every country they are established. Fridges and bottles with the company’s logo also widespread.

Slide 10: Process

The massive distribution network with the integration of Coca Cola’s bottling partners and the company constitute all production processes at the firm. All international business operations then promoted by all these unit frameworks. The selling of syrups and concentrates unique to the company to its bottling partners. These are the primary ingredients in making the final product. Other ingredients of water, sweeteners then added before the bottling and distribution to consumers.

Slide 11: How Can They Improve Their Marketing Strategy?

The want to improving and cementing their position, there should be analysis on performance data to determine issues within their operational processes—the integration of advanced technologies to monitor, record, and report all outcomes to their marketing strategies. Adjust where necessary and focus on areas that contribute a significant percentage of the firm’s profits.

Slide 12: Conclusion

In conclusion, Coca Cola’s marketing strategy has been effective so far. Such established from its superior position in its industry. In my opinion, however, they can improve on this and establish a monopoly in the beverage industry. It is by deducing approaches that would assure reduction if not the elimination of competition.


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