Physical and Cognitive Development in Middle Childhood - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-09-18
Physical and Cognitive Development in Middle Childhood - Essay Sample
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Stealing is a wrongful act that damages the rights of other people and does not go unpunished in society. Even though the two are great friends, stealing is a legally and ethically wrong act. Sharon should disclose Jill’s name to security. It is inappropriate to steal when one can do work and get paid enough to buy whatever they want to. Additionally, if Sharon does not tell the security about Jill, she would get in trouble and possibly get punished for lying on behalf of Jill.

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It is common for friends to return favors for each other. In this case, the situation could be different if Jill had recently done Sharon a favor or had planned to do her a favor in the future. It is tit-for-tat fairness, and such a situation would call for Sharon to return the favor for Jill. Therefore, it would be difficult for Sharon to tell security about Jill in case she ever received a big favor from Jill, as this would be her chance to back up Jill no matter the situation that she finds herself in.

There is no point that the two could even be hanging out together if they were not good friends. The situation could be different. Sharon could have provided the security with Jill’s information because there is nothing for her to lose. Friendship is more of loyalty, but without it, Sharon could not bother about Jill’s outcome. Turning in a friend would mean that Sharon is not a loyal friend, but this is different if the two were not friends at all.

There are several factors for Sharon to consider before making a decision. Initially, she ought to weigh between the negative and the positive aspects of her decision. Incase Sharon does not tell on Jill, she would save her from authorities, but she faces the risk of going to jail on behalf of her friend. She should consider the level of loyalty that exists between the two. Could Jill do the same for her if caught in the same situation? On the other hand, if she does not tell, she will be part of the crime, and she should think of how engaging in crime would ruin her reputation. Sharon should look into her morals and consider them and, if possible, if her action could help Jill to change the bad behavior that could later land her into a bigger problem.

Shoplifting is a wrongful act regardless of the circumstances that cause a person to carry out the act. It does not matter the number of people involved in the act as it violates the rights of the shop owner. People need to work hard to own whatever they want in the world. Nothing comes for free, and this is why society has harsh laws that protect the rights of all individuals against lawbreakers. The main aspect that makes shoplifting to be a wrongful act is the fact that it interferes with the profits of those whose items get stolen and puts the store worker on duty at the risk of a pay cut to account for the stolen item.

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