Free Essay: Life History of Sigmund Freud

Published: 2017-09-06
Free Essay: Life History of Sigmund Freud
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Sigmund Freud was from Freiberg, Moravia and was born in 1856. He explored the mind of humans thoroughly than his predecessors. In the early twentieth century, Sigmund was amongst the influential people, whose persistent legacy has had influence not only in psychology and art but also in the literature (Sam, 2012). This paper is a coverage of the life history of Sigmund Freud, theories that he formulated and various ideas that emanated from his writings.

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Freud developed various theories and concepts on cerebral palsy, seduction theory, dreams, and psychosexual development. In the 1980s, Freud became an early scholar in the area of cerebral palsy. He the published numerous medical papers concerning the topic. From his writings, he indicated that the disease was in existence long before other scholars noticed and studied it. In the seduction theory, he observed patients and discovered that they were unconsciously aware of memories, and were thus in existence as unconscious recollections (Octave, 1971).

In his writings, he said that dreams were prompted by daily thoughts and incidences. He claimed that they occur due to the transformation of secondary developmental thought administered by language rules and principle reality (Cohen, 2007).

His theory of psychosexual development suggests that, following on from the initial polymorphous willfulness of childhood sexuality, the sexual "energies" pass through the different developmental stages of the verbal, the anal and the phallic (Donald & Hugh, 1965). Although these times then give way to a dormancy phase of diminished sexual interest and activity, they leave, to a better or less significant extent, a stubborn and bisexual remains which continue during the development of mature genital sexuality (Eissler, 2005). In Beyond the Pleasure Principle, Freud concluded the being of the death character.

Freud's work produces widespread discussion concerning its therapeutic efficacy even up to date. His work has immersed modern Western thought and common culture


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