Analytical Organizational Profile - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-09-24
Analytical Organizational Profile - Essay Sample
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Multiprogramming refers to the rapid movement between processes within a CPU in which the system executes processes of programs that are running on the operating system. It can impact a business and how it operates because employees working on workstations will not have the ability to run multiple programs simultaneously, thus limiting operational productivity. On the other hand, multiprocessing uses two or more CPUs within a computer system to execute processes running on the operating system. It supports the simultaneous execution of processes for different programs running on the OS. Multiprocessing features on an employee’s workstation can significantly slow down the workstation’s performance, thus negatively impacting the business because it is time-consuming to complete operational tasks that rely on workstation use.

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Additionally, multithreading refers to an operating system's ability to execute parts of a program or process simultaneously without the thread interfering with each other. Threads are parts of processes and can be considered sub-processes within a process environment. On a business’s workstation, multithreading can significantly impact business productivity due to the inability of employees to run multiple programs or processes simultaneously. Employees will also face slower workstation performance as each process must wait for the other process to terminate.

Regarding virtual memory capabilities on business hardware, a business will see an increase in expenditure for IT hardware because they will require more physical memory to be present in all workstations to meet usage requirements for each employee who is working on the workstation. A system call interface is an interface between processes and the operating system which allows user-level processes to request services from the operating system, which the process itself is not allowed to do. In the absence of a system call interface on business workstations, the ability to run applications that include API programming will be unsuccessful. This will impact the business’s operations and daily productivity. It will also significantly limit the choices of business applications they can run on their workstations.

Another factor that can impact business productivity is system Security. In the context of operating systems, security referrers to a group of different techniques and methods that are implemented to ensure hardware and software are secured from threats, attacks, and unauthorized access. In the absence of security on business workstations and a business 's IT infrastructure, a company becomes extremely vulnerable to outside threats and unauthorized access to business data. This can have a significant negative impact on the business and expose them to the legal liability of their systems store sensitive information.

Device drivers are software programs designed to enable interaction with hardware devices and could impact a business. Device drivers communicate with the hardware bus where hardware is connected, and are operating system specific and hardware dependent. In their absence on business workstations and IT infrastructure, users will have a difficult time using equipment or any other external device connected to the workstation. Business operations can come to a complete halt in the absence of the device drivers.

Finally, fault tolerance is how the operating system responds to a hardware or software failure, and has the capabilities of impacting a business. Fault tolerance refers to a system's ability to allow failures or malfunctions, and its capacity is provided by the software, hardware, or a combination of both. In its absence on business IT infrastructure, the company risks a significant increase in workstation and server downtime, impacting business operations and productivity. A business also decreases the availability of programs, data, files, and other information stored on a network utilized by employees to run daily business operations.

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