Free Essay on Drugs and Effects on Body

Published: 2023-01-28
Free Essay on Drugs and Effects on Body
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Drug addiction often affects an individual's brain and behavior, and this result to inability to control the consumption of the either legal or legal drug. My viewpoint about addiction is that it is a real problem that affects every individual despite their moral foundation and understanding of the potential adverse impacts of substance abuse. Also, my definition and viewpoint of addiction have not changed after individuals who abuse marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and meth were subjected to experiment as the effects displayed by the subjects were all pointing to the generally held view that drug addiction has adverse effects. For instance, individuals who are addicted to marijuana appear inattentive to details, cocaine addicts are abnormally aggressive, meth addicts are careless, and heroin seems to have a slow reaction particularly when they are subjected to driving test by the medical team.

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It is imperative to note that subjecting the individuals to drug addiction experiment is unethical as it assumes the affliction of more damage to already addicted individuals. Using human beings as subjects of the experiment to illustrate the effects of drug addiction is as dangerous as the addiction itself and is abuse to human dignity. Moreover, subjecting different individuals addicted to drugs to adverse conditions to ascertain their reactions caused an extreme psychological effect to the addicts, especially the heroin addict who was overwhelmed by panic. Understandably, different methods could have been used to attain relevant data concerning drug addiction without subjecting individuals to experiments by inducing them with the same drugs they are abusing. The effects of drug addiction on individuals can be ascertained through subjecting the blood sample of different drug addicts to numerous tests and observing their behavior over time to establish their physical and mental behavior change. Additionally, inducing the drugs to different individuals abusing different drugs may not yield the same results as different individual's body abusing the same drug may react differently. Also, data on drug addiction can be attained through conducting different research on different individuals while at the same time, discouraging them from abusing drugs and guide them in their rehabilitation process.

I hold the opinion that there was no considerable impact brought about the lack of diversity while conducting the experiments. Drug addiction is independent of skin color, cultural attachment, political and social orientation and the effects of such drugs are almost the same for every person addicted to substances like marijuana, heroin, meth, and cocaine among others. Drug addiction changes different interactions in the brain, and the effects are always devastating where the individuals may be depicted self-destructive behaviors and mental imbalance regardless of the lack of diversity. It is instructive to note that drug addiction has morphed into a global problem irrespective of the geographical location and race.


My overall opinion about the drugs, drug addiction, and the effects on the body as depicted in the video is that different drugs cause different effects to the addicts. Cocaine addicts specifically often display violence and often appear delusional when they are intoxicated. Notably, drug addiction causes different health problems that can be hazardous when the addicts are not given the necessary attention. Despite the commonly held view that drug addiction is a moral failing, it is instructive to note that the addicts can be helped to relive a healthy life by arranging for their rehabilitation while at the same time educated about the impacts of substance abuse on their health.

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