Alcohol, Nothing Less Than a Curse. Essay Example.

Published: 2019-05-22
Alcohol, Nothing Less Than a Curse. Essay Example.
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The need to have fun and enjoy life among the teenagers has subjected them to activities that jeopardize their life rather than initiating contentment. In what is called the party after school or during the weekends, most young boys and girls engage in activities to make them feel high and exultant. The glee, in this case, is achieved by taking drugs and alcohol that makes them participate in sexual activities, fights, among others. The use of alcohol among teenagers is a fact that has been prohibited in most countries by enacting acts that avert the sale of liquors to the minors. However, it has been quite difficult for governments to stop completely teenage alcoholism because these young men and girls have the right consent to their decisions. Although the authorities try to prevent drunkenness among the minors, it is a time that the remaining group should learn the outcomes of excessive drinking from their fellows who have terribly failed in life as a result of alcohol consumption.

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The effects of the alcohol and its repercussion can be clearly explained by Teddy, a friend who stayed next to our neighborhood who has been a victim of alcoholism. He was always a number in the class and did not complete the campus due to excessive alcohol consumption. Simply put, Teddy was a bright, smart, and very intelligent young boy that everybody admired. Mathematics was his favorite subject, and that can explain what he could get in physics and other mathematics-related topics. The results and performances had it all; he was the best in the class until he got into a wrong group of students.

He started engaging with a click of boys who had no clear vision of life. As studies have it, peer pressure is one primary cause that allures young men to drink and the same happened to Teddy. Often, people want to be like other big and famous boys in the school. Young men want to appear like their fathers who can take one or two beers before coming to the house not knowing that at their age, their fathers were very responsible individuals. Another reason that makes people drink is stress that was not in Teddys case.

The outcome of engaging in this group and consuming a lot of alcohol will remain on Teddys mind ant the community as a whole since the boy who had a vision of becoming one of the best doctors turned to be a lifetime failure. The performance deteriorated at supersonic speed and, as a result, the doctor-to-be left school and found street as a comfortable place for his existence. The school became an invalid dream and success was a past tense. The only food was alcohol that made him start stealing to get money to buy alcohol. As a result, he was caught by the authorities and jailed. In the prison, he was found to have dangerous sexually transmitted diseases.

Teddy case has a good moral lesson not only to him, but also to the entire community. The wrong group is the genesis of loss of focus in life. Alcohol consumption is one of those addictive activities that can jeopardize a creative mission and dream in life. Teddy, who was thought to be the future doctor rots in jail with dangerous diseases that make him live in trepidation and his next destination, maybe death. He swears that if his life can be reversed, alcohol is that last thing he can taste. As such engaging in wrong groups is dangerous more so if it leads to the consumption of substances that can ruin a life.

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