Essay Sample about Organized Crimes in the United States

Published: 2022-09-23
Essay Sample about Organized Crimes in the United States
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FBI is a special body in the United States mandated to eliminate and deal with organized crimes. Notably, crimes pose threats to the public as they criminals harm the victims and in some scenarios lead to the death individuals. They also pose potential threats to the economy. Therefore, the government through special bodies such as FBI is responsible for safeguarding the safety of the public from such transgression.

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Organized crimes are the greatest challenges facing FBI. Basically, they are highly organized groups who engage in criminal activities such as theft, prostitution, and gambling among others. In the United States, the crimes adversely affect the American economy and the national security at large. Markedly, they have taken a whole new dimension especially, after the introduction of the internet. Evidently, the crimes not only affect the state internally, but also beyond its borders due to threats from countries such as Russia, Italy, and the Middle East among others. The hazards make the policy makes to doubt the effectiveness of the strategies that have been implemented with the aim of curbing the crimes.

Tax evasion and fraudulent activities are potential threats to the American economy. Ideally, the illegal activities weaken the existing financial market. As a result, the increase in organized crimes in America prompted the federal government to create a body called the Omnibus crime control. The body worked together with international and the domestic efforts to curb the increasing crimes. According to FBI, the risks and threats that were caused by the crimes are transforming to being more complex forms than they were previously. Unfortunately, the security bodies concerned with the crimes have shifted their attention to combating terrorism activities. This has enabled the domestic criminals to regain energy and device more sophisticated tricks.

The 2001 terrorist attack contributed to the shift of FBI focus to counterterrorism as well as counterintelligence. Unfortunately, FBI lacks the necessary financial resources required to equip the security personnel with the needed resources. Trends indicate that organized crimes are on the rise due to the transnational nature of many states, globalization, and the advancements in communication. The analysis shows that the trends are not coming to an end; instead, there are chances of the criminal networks taking over some countries in the near future.

Organized crime groups continue being potential threats to many domestic industries and the economy. Notably, the most common crime group in the United States is the Italian mafia. Besides, other criminal organizations exist in the state and their threats should not be underestimated. The groups gained popularity after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1970 (Herek, 2017). They are involved in crimes such as abduction, drug trafficking, and human smuggling. Important to note, FBI reports postulate that more than 60% of the criminal cases are related to frauds and scams in the commodity markets and industries.

In brief, the criminal activities from organized crimes and organized crime groups have adverse effects on the American economy and its national security. FBI in conjunction with the federal government has been on the front line in reducing the crimes. Indeed, there is a need for more efforts to empower the FBI and other security agents concerned with reducing the increasing crime rates. Therefore, organized crimes should be thoroughly dealt with in order to protect the American economy.


Herek, G. M. (2017). Documenting hate crimes in the United States: Some considerations on data sources. Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity, 4(2), 143.

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