University Entrance Personal Statement Essay Sample

Published: 2022-09-07
University Entrance Personal Statement Essay Sample
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Many factors have driven my interest in learning philosophy and business especially establishing a connection between the two. First, I have always been a curious person. Even as a child I was an avid reader seeking to gain knowledge about anything and everything. I always sought answers on why everything around me was the way it was. It was through the extensive reading that I came across the book 'To Fourteen Years Old' by Akiko Ikeda that triggered my interest in philosophy. The culture of the people of Japan has also contributed and strengthened my resolution to pursue a course in the field of philosophy. The Japanese are conservatives and sensitive people. These traits prove a challenge since the world is continually changing and evolving to embrace new and different cultures and forms of businesses. For any company that seeks to be successful, it must first adopt and adapt to the changes in the market brought about by globalization. It was during my visit to a blockchain company in Vancouver that I observed the difference in culture between the company and companies in Japan. This motivated me to explore economics to get a deeper understanding of such issues. I took an economic class that made me see just how important philosophy is and how it is applicable in almost any field. My motivation, therefore, comes not only from my curiosity but also from the motivation of attaining my ultimate goal of starting a business once I gain the skills that can enable me to understand and adapt to changes in the society by learning philosophy.

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The former president of Uruguay, Jose Mujica, raised a concern on whether the Japanese were happy people. His sentiments got me thinking of how defective the underlying social system and work environment of Japanese companies were. One of these defects includes the lack of job satisfaction by the employees of these companies who as a result continue to lead miserable lives. Observing my father's business presented an opportunity for me to examine the various problems it faced and also motivated me to try and come up with solutions. I, therefore, decided on the kind of business I would like to start. The purpose I resolved would be to create a company with a positive work environment that would ensure that employees derived satisfaction from their work. This would make the employees comfortable as well as increase the quality of work. I purpose to, therefore, study business and philosophy that will ensure I am well equipped with skills necessary for the creation of a company that is sustainable. I aim to focus my study on business management that will enable me to change the business culture, environment and society of the Japanese companies as well as that of the people.

Once I study both business and philosophy, I plan to kick start my career by establishing a five-star hotel business in Japan. I believe it will be a successful venture due to the low supply of these kinds of hotel in Japan as compared to the availability of high demand for them. My target market is the high-end clientele of the wealthy class that includes both the local people and foreigners. Accommodation on the hotel will be designed to suit the specific needs of each target market. The first step to achieving my purpose and plans is being accepted into your university. It is the only university in Japan that offers a unique opportunity of pursuing both the philosophy and business courses at the same time. I also aspire to study in your university because it is the only university in Japan that is a member of the Global Literal Arts Alliance. This Liberal Arts Program makes it exceptional in giving me prospects to explore even more fields of study over the first two years that I will be there. The fact that your university is diversified having even international students makes it easy to develop global concepts and attitudes. These are just among the many reasons why it would be a privilege to have the chance to learn in your institution.

In conclusion, I am a self-motivated individual, willing and able to adapt to a new environment with ease. I am a team player and also a leader as I focus more on finding solutions for problems and challenges that may arise. I also believe in hard work, integrity, and ambition which are among my core personal values. My ambition makes me focus on achieving my goals which are vital for the success of my career. I believe these qualities will be useful in contributing to the growth of your institution into the best and most competitive university both in Japan and globally. I believe that I can foster an innovative and creative environment in the university by influencing others to be solution and goal oriented. I look forward to getting this opportunity.

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