Racism Essay Sample: Myths about Black People

Published: 2017-12-20
Racism Essay Sample: Myths about Black People
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Law through Literature

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The black urban myth is a great piece of literature speaking about the myths surrounding the black people. The white people assume that they are superior to the blacks and that the blacks are bw doound to bown to their orders, and this is a wrong notion. In the scenario that is taking place at the bus stop at Oldham road, one black man finds himself surrounded by drunken white people who mistake him for a bus attendant. Although he is not putting on an apron and carrying a walkie-talkie, a group of the drunk white guys keep barking at him to explain to them when the next bus is coming and when the last one arrived at the bus stop.

It is evident that the man is agitated by the behavior of these drunkards and wants to yell at them to keep off but controls his increasing anger. Black people are forced to bear with such incidences when they are subjected to acts of disrespect. According to this piece of literature, it is evident that the majority of white youths engage in irresponsible behaviors such as extreme alcoholism and violence. To support this claim, we see how the two boyfriends engage the club bouncers in a scuffle and pulling Bruce Lee Kung Fu moves on page 85. However, the black man does not want to be part of the scuffle. He opts to walk home and avoid any possible trouble with the rogue guys. This act proves that race does not determine one’s behavior and that a person's actions depend on their inner person but not on the color of their skins.

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