Essay Sample: My View of Sex Life Conventions

Published: 2019-06-12
Essay Sample: My View of Sex Life Conventions
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Morals are part of a society's daily living. I call this a daily meal. From ancient times, our forefathers emphasized more about morals ranging from respect to elderly, table manners and moreover sex life. Research from previous readings proved a success to the topics that guide the norms and moral. The big question is where exactly did the modern generation go wrong regarding the sex role expected of them? The youth of today have either given a deaf ear to their expectations of sex life or are adamant and feel they are backward and outdated.

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The majority of us have sexual activity starting in early adulthood. Past experiences and memories harbored play a role in determining sex life behaviors. Parents, teachers, employers and friends play a crucial role in influencing one's view of sex life. From my homeland Asia, strict measures are put in place to govern our daily lives, however in the US things are different. Since my stay, I truly have witnessed a lot. Indeed, the western culture is in full swing and could this be the end of times?

As a young child, I had lots of stories and advice concerning sex life. In a way, I found this very stressful and would have cursed the world at an early age. Thanks to my dad who later changed our place of residence. Do not be outside during the night. The words ring clear in my mind. Could this have been a warning because of criminal insecurity or moral uncertainty? I found this one of the difficult messages to adhere. I later came to realize that my mum feared for my sexual life and didnt want to hit the nail on the head. Mum, I was a young child and had no foresight for what you meant.

Dress and be sure not to expose any part of your body, Mum said. I was born naked and why you want me to get covered now! I would never understand all this. She told me that it was ill-mannered as this would put the opposite gender into temptation and could result in rape. Thanks she truly cared, but everyone in the society did not seem to care what you have but rather liked you with more body exposed. Perhaps my parents were outdated. I could not heed to this as we always partied and the rule was, have it to the mid-thigh.

Unprotected sex lead to infections. Friends were not left behind. I will always love them. This was true and at no point would I go against their words. The media had portrayed people who suffered from AIDS, and sure I would not want to fall a victim. Addition to this, Early pregnancy. Bob would stop at that. Sure at your teen who would wish to hold a pregnancy or have a child? I would not want to deprive myself all the life by having responsibilities at the wrong time. There is time for everything, I recalled.

Wait until you are ready for the right person. To me, this seemed never to pass. My colleagues would stress on this but did they know who the right person was? We always argued over this and felt they were getting too personal. I had many friends, and I loved them. We were intimate together and how would I have denied myself the sexual pleasure. I would not listen to that.

Premarital sex is wrong. I tried my best to adhere to this, but it was hell. The youths can bear me witness and this should not be a word on its own but more of a counselling session. My parents told me this, and then I viewed it as barbaric and how do they know that am going to get married? Our church also emphasized on the same and affected me more as I felt he was pointing a finger at me.

In conclusion, it is of essence that we all own up and be responsible for our sexual life. We ought to play a role in the lives of one another. Also, parent-child communication about sex should be straight and without fear. Thanks to my friends who took my life like theirs and ensured that we lived as expected by the society.

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