Talent Plus, Inc.

Published: 2022-07-27
Talent Plus, Inc.
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Talent Plus, Inc. is one of the leading Talent Assessment Partner, in the talent research industry. The company was established in 1989, and its headquarter is in Bogota, Colombia and Lincoln, Nebraska (Talent Plus, Inc., 2018). Talent Plus, Inc. was ranked as one of the best places to work in the US for SMEs in 2017 (Bloomberg). The company provides HR consulting services to maximize human potential. The company's solutions include customized consulting concepts, senior leader development programs, outsourced in-depth leader interviews, outsourced professional interviews, Talent+Hire, an applicant tracking system, person-to-person interviews, and Talent Online Assessments (Talent Plus, Inc., 2018). Talent Plus, Inc. employee engagement process also helps to serve automotive, healthcare, retail, hospitality, education, financial, engineering, education, manufacturing, government, services and utility companies in the US (Talent Plus, Inc., 2018). Other company's services include assessments and structured interviews aimed to improve the culture of an organization. Therefore, Talent Plus, Inc. develops employee's talents to help them manage their abilities more effectively (Bloomberg). This helps companies with job performance, engagement, retention, profitability, and sales performance.

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The mission of the company is to help customers, and their employee's to develop and manage their talents for the benefit of an organization or an individual (Talent Plus, Inc., 2018). On the other hand, the vision of the company is to become a leading partner to help build and sustain fully engaged and high performing cultures through analytics, development and talent selection (Talent Plus, Inc., 2018). The company has a total of 115 employees, with about 70% of employees being women who are tasked with overseeing programs for consulting customers (Talent Plus, Inc., 2018). Employees work on an hourly basis, and they have flexible telecommuting options and schedule, besides the unlimited sick days and vacations. With the high rate of employment opportunities in the US, the competition for employees among rival companies is low, resulting in no competition for labor. This has created challenges for Talent Plus, Inc which looks to hire great workers with enough experience in the market.

Talent Plus, Inc. as an Employer of Choice

Any company, either big or small usually strives to become an employer of choice. Talent Plus, Inc adopted an employer of choice strategy through providing some employee benefits and ensuring the quality of the employment relationship to attract and retain quality employees. The company has also done this by developing a work culture and a working environment that is great to work in. This favor the well being of customers and employees, which in turn attract and retain superior employees (Leary-Joyce, 2004). Therefore, most employees are more fulfilled and happy while working at Talent Plus, Inc.

To become an employer of choice, the company would require the following values and characteristics:

Employee compensations: A company can become an employer of choice when it pays its employees benefits and salary, which is above or equal to the market rates. The primary benefit packages include paid vacation, paid holidays, paid time off and health insurance, which attracts and retain quality employees (Leary-Joyce, 2004).

Job security: When a firm is financially sound employees will have the freedom to not losing their jobs and instead concentrate on the vision and goals of the company without worry (Leary-Joyce, 2004).

Authority and empowerment: When employees are given control of their own choices and empowered to take responsibilities and make decisions, they would strive to make progress on their goals and carry out their functions effectively (Leary-Joyce, 2004).

Respect: Employees need to feel that they are respected and cared for by their fellow employees and their bosses to consider the company as an employer of choice (Leary-Joyce, 2004).

Opportunity for growth: A company that helps and encourage employees to develop their careers and skills through training opportunities, career paths, and performance development planning may be considered as an employer of choice (Leary-Joyce, 2004).

Work-life balance: Introducing work-life balance programs like flexible schedules allow workers to work undistracted. This helps employees to tackle their life challenges and reduces overall stress (Leary-Joyce, 2004).

Performance Culture: The culture of the company and the interest of employees must be tied down together. An employer of choice can accomplish this through job plan processes and variable compensation system which links the reward to performance (Leary-Joyce, 2004).

Talent Plus, Inc can benefit from becoming an employer's of choice in many ways. Most applicants would always want to work for the company, and the most talented employees will be ready to stay throughout their careers (Elving, Westhoff, Meeusen, & Schoonderbeek, 2013). By retaining happy and top performers, Talent Plus, Inc will be able to move forward by achieving it company, goals, mission and vision while at the same time gaining organization success, increasing market share and gaining a competitive advantage (Elving, Westhoff, Meeusen, & Schoonderbeek, 2013).

The Human Resource Department at Talent Plus, Inc can help the company become an employer of choice. The HR is tasked with looking after the recruitment requirements of the firm. Therefore, by hiring quality employees that fit with the company's culture, and taking them through the induction process, it assists the new employees to settle into their workflow faster and easier (Clarke, 2001). This provides a suitable working environment and employee atmosphere for employees to work. The HR is also tasked with looking for employee incentives and benefits (Clarke, 2001). As a middleman, the HR provides employees with benefits and salary, which may be above or equal to the market rates. Finally, the HR is tasked with offering training and development of employee skills and knowledge (Clarke, 2001). Through an ongoing employee training, the firm would be able to maintain its level of expertise and professionalism while at the same time developing employees careers skills and knowledge. Therefore, all these factors are critical in making Talent Plus, Inc, a company of choice.

How the performance of HR functions can be Evaluated

To become an employer of choice, the HR has a duty create employee surveys, which are essential to understanding the performance of HR functions. The employee surveys ensure that relevant information is shared transparently. This creates a dialogue with employees and a platform to be heard (Elving, Westhoff, Meeusen, & Schoonderbeek, 2013). Employees ideas gained through the survey can help transform and innovate the company. By conducting an employee survey, the company will realize going on in the company because employees fully understand the weaknesses and strengths of the firm and usually have possible solutions to particular issues and challenges (Elving, Westhoff, Meeusen, & Schoonderbeek, 2013). As a result, employee, commitment, engagement, and motivation is stimulated and achieved. Therefore, the HR is the mediator within the company's employees, stakeholders, and business objectives. While conducted in the right manner, the employee survey reflects the view of employees. It provides insights on leadership, work atmosphere, efficiency, role clarity, detailed data on employee engagement and workload, which when addressed and the changes made, assist the company to become an employer of choice (Elving, Westhoff, Meeusen, & Schoonderbeek, 2013).

The survey aims to determine the HR services are essential to ensure employees are engaged, committed and satisfied in the company. These specific services were chosen because they are the main elements that help employees to consider a firm an employer of choice. A total of 128 employees will participate in the survey. This will be first done by seeking the consent of employees first before participating in the survey. This will be voluntarily, and there will be no repercussions for anyone who declined to participate. The employees will be given three days to fill out the questionnaire and return it to the HR department. It will be ensured that the information collected remains confidential and only accessible to authorized stakeholders. The level of confidentiality required will involve the anonymity of the participants and their information included in the survey.


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