Modern Culture Essay Example

Published: 2017-12-25
Modern Culture Essay Example
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This research is based on an ultra-modern society with a sophisticated lifestyle, the infrastructure; roads, buildings, and social amenities are highly upgraded. There is a mixture of cultural practices based on the fact that the research is conducted in a metropolis. Religion is diversified. Several sporting activities such as athletics, soccer, baseball, table tennis, swimming, among others are also highlighted in this given setting. The research is set to answer questions like; what is the culture of the inhabitants of this home and the surrounding? Are there proofs for religion? What religion do they profess? These will be achieved by investigating the culture of the people in this setup, this will be aided by the material culture such as dressing, sporting or leisure activities and much more that we shall study to infer the cultural practices. We shall also try to discover the different religious beliefs and practices through our study.

Urban Culture Research Methodology

The research methodology used was a surface survey, studying surface material as we are strolling over the unexcavated surface of the home and its environment, gathering every artifact inspecting different relics. Our objective is the evaluation of the probable area of the home, this method was used because the technique takes into account the wider coverage of regions than unearthing does. It uncovers designs in the dispersion of materials which may identify with the variation of occupation, or to specific exercises occurring or supported merchandise being expended. Such examples likewise empower us to assess sequential contrasts in the occupation and deserting of various surroundings and areas, along these lines developing a photo of the procedure of urban improvement. Furthermore, the surface survey is relatively cheaper than excavation which is much involving and time consuming.

Data Presentation

In the survey the following artifacts were obtained for study; Refuse from a building and construction site, some rubble were also obtained from demolished or collapsed houses, computers, phones, TVs, clothe coins, tools and other metallic objects, stones, corn, beans, fruits, meat, cakes, milk, nuts, fish, shells, earrings, bangles, beads, gaming disks, balls, pictures and books. The corn, beans, fruits and beads were obtained from the nearby farms, the bangles, earrings shell, computers, phones, TVs, gaming disks, and balls were acquired locally from home.

Urban Lifestyle Data Classification





fish, beans, fruits, corn, milk, cakes, meat



Bible, Quran, magazines, newspapers



balls, gaming disks



cloths, bangles, earings,



phones, t.v, computers



hoes, machetes, spades



various pictures taken



construction refuse, coins, metals, picture

The data collected and classified above helps to infer the possible way of life of the people under study as seen below.

The food category in the table starts with fish, this alludes that the people under study are fish eaters and probably one of the economic activities in the region or the nearby community is fishing. Beans and corns obtained from the farms prove that these people are practicing agriculture and more specifically crop farming, the pictures of the farms proves there was large scale farming going on in the region. Milk and meat mean two things, first it bespeaks the eating habits of the people under study, secondly, it infers that the people of this era are practicing animal farming.

The second category is of books, which incorporated Bibles, Qurans. Magazines and Newspapers. The Bible and the Quran are religious books, these helps in this study to help know that there are Christians and Muslims in the city, these two are some of the major religions in the world today, therefore it means there is a possibility of the existence of other religion such as Buddhism, Taoism and so on, But what comes out clearly is that religion is diversified. The books also speak the existence of a printing press which helps in the mass production of magazines and Newspapers to satisfy the population. It also tells us more about the communication methods of the society, for instance, one is not wrong to say that they pass information through newspapers and magazines. The third category contain sporting materials such as balls, these infer that the people were involved in games and sports, this could be inferred as a way of spending leisure activities.

The fourth category of artifacts collected is dressing, dressing communicates a lot about a people's culture, dressing also classifies some religions, for example, the Islamic code of dressing for women if very unique and outstanding, clothing also can be used in dating or establishing the time frame since dressing mode is one of the material cultures of man that has changed over the years. The bangles and earrings are adornments of beauty mostly used by women.

In the survey some modern equipment such as the TV, phones, and computers were also sampled out, these gadgets speak of the era of study, most of them were only first used in the twentieth and the twenty-first century. They are therefore to define the time frame and the level of advancement in certain aspects of the society such as technology and communication. For instance, the phone speaks a lot about the time frame when we study its development and chronological improvements.

The next category of materials sampled is the tools where we have things like hoes, machetes, and spades, these tells the degree and level of advancement of tools made and used by the inhabitants of the city. Other artifacts include refuse from building and construction sites, they include stones concrete, broken walls that have a mixture of sand and cement, some pieces of metals. These material helps to explain housing of the present day man, how they built their houses, the materials they used in building.

Urban LifeStyle Dating

Two methods were used to date the dwelling using the available artifacts, first and foremost we shall use the seriation method which is also known as the sequence dating. Here we are going to trace the chronological changes in the specific artifacts over time.

The category of artifacts marked for this dating was the category of technology, first, when we look at the phone, the phone is one of the home gadgets used for communication which has undergone tremendous changes and improvements. Historically Alexander Graham Bell is credited to be the first man to make and use the telephone in 1876 March after which several improvements were made to his invention. In the 1890s the candlestick was used, it was named so because of the shape and form it assumed, it was used up to the 1930s, after this rotary phone was invented that sailed through the 1970s, towards the close of the twentieth century, the portable phones were invented. In 1984, the Motorola Company made the first mobile phone called the Motorola DynaTAC. Phone development went on and on to the modern day phones which are internet enabled and serves several purposes other than communication alone. The phones used in the study are internet enabled proving that they are of the 21st century

Another method used to date is by the use of magazines which provides exact dates and the century, the books and the newspapers studied are also date to this 21st century. This two method of dating brings a result that has some similarity since both date to the 21st century.

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