How Have Workplace Cultures Changed in Physical Sciences? Essay Example

Published: 2023-08-10
How Have Workplace Cultures Changed in Physical Sciences? Essay Example
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Physical sciences have undergone a revolution is workplace cultures from 1949 to 2019. The articles share research questions, including the following. How is diversity important in building a professional's career? Are women and minority groups important in the astronomy field? What is the importance of building relationships in a professional's career? The articles hypothesize that diversity, women, and minority groups are crucial in the astronomy field, and a professional should learn to build relationships to develop their careers.

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The authors of the three articles share common ways of collecting information for the topic. They include searching research journals, interviews, and the use of historical documents. They use data from journals and historical documents to describe the careers of professionals in the astronomy field. Journals and archival records are stable as information hardly changes, and it makes it easier for an author to compare sources of information. They gather information on how minority groups are becoming essential in astronomy and how diversity is vital to the workplace culture in physical sciences. Interviews are necessary to get opinions from professionals in the astronomy field.

The workplace culture in physical sciences is continuously evolving. Diversity is at its peak as more women and individuals from minority and ethnic groups, increase to compete with the men who, for a long time, have been the majority. The articles show how collaboration and respect are vital in the workplace in the field of astronomy. It is because there is much research going on, and people have to respect each other to share information no matter the rank. People apply to be part of the organizations, and some get invites because of their positions or experience. Individuals need to build connections with different people in the field to get more information and to develop their careers. It applies primarily to women and minority groups who did not get many chances before being part of astronomy. Young professionals have to do the same to get more experience and gather knowledge in their careers. The astronomy field gives independence to individuals to get the best results as they make better judgments.

The articles have elaborated on the changing culture in the workplace in the astronomy field, a branch of physical sciences. They support their arguments with opinions from interviews with experienced professionals, data, and information from research journals and historical documents. They provide data sets and counterarguments to help their research results. They give detailed information on independence, collaboration, and respect as vital aspects of the workplace culture of the astronomy field. They show that for young professionals, they need to adapt to the workplace culture to build relationships and connections to go far in their careers. Women and minority groups are not exempted from the workplace culture as they are getting more chances in the astronomy field, and it shows that knowledge and skill alone are not enough to build a career. I agree with the authors as they show the evolving workplace culture in astronomy.

The articles are relevant to the course topic, lectures, and discussions. They describe the evolving workforce in astronomy with equality and diversity taking centre stage. They show how it is changing across the globe as women and minority groups are getting more chances in the field. Young professionals also have to be collaborative and respect the work culture to build relationships and gather knowledge influential in their research.

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