Free Essay. Moana and the Princesses' Evolution

Published: 2023-04-02
Free Essay. Moana and the Princesses' Evolution
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Among the mediums used to transform contemporary society, film and theatre play a key role. Most are centered around themes, either apparent or left to the consumer interpretation. Due to the downgrading women have faced in the previous generations, the majority of the pop-culture film producers, including giants like Disney, reflect on the disempowerment and empowerment of women. In the animated film, "Moan, and the Princess Evolution," Moana is depicted as an empowered woman who leads the less competent male protagonist, Maui to greatness (Miyako Singer, 2016). Besides this, unlike the majority of other films where the chosen ones are male by default, Moana is chosen to lead. The second theme that is explored in a different angle is that of love. Unlike in all the other similar animated movies where love is the key point, Moana does not depict emotions; instead, she displays friendship, which is, in turn, beneficial to both (Hoover, 2016). In most love scenes, women always end up in marriages that demand than to be subservient. By the end of this film, the producers want the audience to think females can be dedicated to the course, can lead, and their role in society should not only revolve around seeking their self-worth in romantic relationships. Additionally, the animated film show female should be allowed to make their own independent choices, especially regarding their destiny (White, 2017).

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Young girls should most definitely watch a Disney film. This is because these animated films reflect on the society they interact with daily. They also reflect on the traditional community and their treatment of women and the current community that treat women, not as second-class citizens, but equal partners in contemporary society. These movies portray young girls who are empowered and leaders in saving a sinking society (Hoover, 2016). Unlike the majority of the film that shows a majority of female characters as weak and emotional, as rivals in seeking men's affection, films like "frozen" introduce sisterly love that concurs the unimaginable and against all the odds. This a well-deserving lesson that the young girls must learn and emulate. In a contemporary setting, inclusivity and equality are addressed in depth. These are traits that not only young girls should learn, but also young boys should watch and learn from to create a better future society. In the animated film, Moan is depicted as an empowered woman who helps better a male demigod to concur. At the same in the movie, both Maui and Moan have a lot to learn from each other.

In the year 1937. Disney released the first animated film, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." The movie is one with the most antifeminist views around the world (Ennis, 2017). In the film, Snow White is depicted to play the roles that downgraded women's capability. While Men are off to work, she spends most of her day doing housekeeping as she awaits her princess to come. However, this might not be as surprising since it predates the era in which women saw women join the workforce. However, these facts are dismissed as simple children's stories. At the same time, despite "Cinderella" continues displaying women as the victims of circumstances and eventually being saved by a dashing prince. In the two animated films, the female role is mainly depicted as that of searching for love for a charming and seeking self-worth from men. The Villain ends up being the most admirable character. They rarely play any role in saving themselves. However, compared to the two movies, Moana, is different.

In Moana, the role of women changes as they play traditionally male roles. She is depicted as a woman who can train soldiers and make her own independent decisions. Moan, similar to other modern-day animated films, does not revolve around female seeking prince to save them. They play an active role, not just protecting themselves but also in the adventure. She dismisses the title princess and navigates the ocean to fight a lava monster, eventually saving the world (Berman, 2016). Since 1937 the Disney Princess has significantly evolved. In her first age, the princess role revolves around seeking a prince charming to save her from difficult circumstances. Very little agency regarding the prince if provided, e.g., "Snow White" and "Cinderella." In the second age of the Disney princess, she is given more agency, but still, the majority of her role is about finding a man. e.g., "The Little Mermaid." In her third age, the princess is centered around more critical societal roles. She a warrior who participates in saving the community (Hoover, 2016). She participates in making her own choices about her destination. She is depicted as a person who can still find love, but sisterhood is the central plot of the movie, case in point "Moana and Frozen."


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