Mohammed Ali Research in the Free Essay Sample

Published: 2019-09-25
Mohammed Ali Research in the Free Essay Sample
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Mohammed Ali is an Iconic figure that has influenced the life of many people globally. His life's legacy is inspirational and highly impactful. Muhammad Ali's life is transcendental and one that carved an arch on the planet and the heart of a great many followers and admirers in all parts of the world. He was able to take athleticism and used it to make a global influence that unprecedentedly grew, this kind of influence from a sportsman was unheard off in the world.

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Mohammed Ali born Cassius Clay, was raised in Louisville, Kentucky. He spent his early childhood in the dark times where racial separatism was a way of life. At a tender age he disliked the concepts of racial segregation of the black community. In one of his entourages as a child he lost his bike, he went on ahead to start boxing. He started professional boxing after winning a gold medal at the age of eighteen in the Olympics help in Rome. He went ahead to improve his skills by practicing every day, his dedication to practice and the zeal with which he fought appalled many far and wide. He became the first man to take on the heavy weight championship three times.

Mohammed Ali went ahead to join the Nation of Islam that advocated for freedom of the black people. His actions were criticized by many, and it displeased many, this is when he changed his names from Cassius Clay to Mohammed Ali. Through the Nation of Islam, he advocated for equal rights of all men, black and white. He decried the separatist ideology in America. At the height of the Vietnamese War in 1967, Ali was requested to join the military to fight in the Vietnam War. Citing his religious beliefs, Mohammed Ali declined to join the military. This action was not taken lightly by the American government; the Pentagon responded that first things first, you are a citizen, and when your country calls, you respond. He did not agree with these sentiments; the repercussions were that bad. Ali was stripped off his heavy weight championship, he was imprisoned for four years. He was also banned from boxing for three and half years. All these challenges did not suppress or stopped Mohamed Ali from fighting. He later came back into the ring and reclaimed his glory.

Mohammed Ali fought for the liberation of the black man; this was during the time of the likes of Martin Luther King. Through his efforts and sometimes reckless remarks, he was a voice to reckon within America. His sentiments and beliefs resonated with the hopes of every black man living in the era. Ali made a lot of mistakes in his life, notably he dined with dictators like Mobutu Seseko. The controversial nature of his life and actions were a bit antagonizing; he fought for freedom while also dined with dictators. He is described by a psychologist as an individual with a unique psychic.

Alis faults did not outshine his good deeds. He has been known for his humanitarian activities in disaster-stricken nations like Cuba. He has also been influential in the research of Parkinsons syndrome which he was diagnosed with in 1984. Mohamed Ali has been in the spotlight for decades where he has been named as the Sportsman of the Century, and he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in a 2005 ceremony at the White House.

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