Paper Example: Mississippi Freedom Summer: Mobilizing for Change in 1964

Published: 2022-12-28
Paper Example: Mississippi Freedom Summer: Mobilizing for Change in 1964
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Mississippi freedom summer project managed to mobilize more than one thousand northern black and white school students in 1964 that conveyed them to Mississippi to demeanor a great constituent muster constrain. For instance, the white confrontation was violent, whereby more than one thousand liberty summer personnel were detained, eighty undergraduates were compressed, and quite a few were executed. Some of the common objectives of the events designed to amplify black elector listing, to acquire enlarged visibility for the association and used ideologies of non-violence. However, the aggression members qualified during both of these proceedings as well added to the activists' disappointment with non-violent strategies and their twist on the road to black control.

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African Americans' Struggle for Civil Rights

In the struggle for civil rights, the African American engagements had got ethical asserts that made the demonstration extra reputable. For example, the achievement of the black social rights society encouraged other crowds to build determined claims for amendments in their dealing, through taking on the techniques of black civil rights advocates such as straight feat remonstrations and literary patriotism. Although the American Indian group wanted to guard the Indians city against police nuisance, labored to make safe anti-poverty finances, to set up endurance institutions to educate history and values to the Indians, and prearranged the track of wrecked agreements with the aim of blockading the village of offended lap to air their accusations and insist for social alteration. Although, some feminists furthermore used direct-action campaigns to increase visibility, to challenge traditional beliefs about women's place, women's capabilities, and to work in the direction of changing monetary, political, and communal associations.

The Feminism in the 1960s

The liberal feminist's groups mainly paid attention to the strain for parity in the communal field, intending to have access to both job, and equivalent reimburse. Moreover, they went ahead and focused on equal opportunity in domestic and sexual associations. However, they disagreed on the goals which were to be given the primary concern, as well as on queries of revenue. Furthermore, they alerted on lawmaking transform but also engaged in a nonstop action in some cases. On the other hand, there were several debate and conflicts over the questions of how other differences, such as race and class, should be addressed in the demands for women's rights. For instance, the radical feminists faced hostility from men by being threatened and ridicule because of their ideas. Despite obstacles, feminists achieved a great deal by lifting the female aspirations and lowered the barriers which could prevent the women from accessing higher education and other male-dominated occupations.

Dramatic changes in the 1960s and early 1970s

The Democrats continued to have power over the Congress throughout Nixon's government and opposed his efforts to roll back administration support. Further, the grassroots arrangements and financial conditions also pressed the leader to carry on with funding various freethinking improvements. As a result, Nixon's administration prolonged the food pounds plan, which granted the low-income accommodation, social safety benefits, and financial support to aid low-income learners to get college educations. Besides, President Nixon got involved in utilizing a set up of a nationwide pace edge to save petrol via sanctioning of the temporary disaster actions for assigning gasoline. Even though, conformists ordered a counter engagement in reply to the alteration that they were considering. These incorporated the association alongside the equal rights adjustment and the pro-life lobby group that wanted to tip over the milestone result which was defending women's right to abortion.

The Supreme Court Verdict

The Warren Court managed to prolong the Constitution's assurance of impartiality and individual rights that hold up protesters management to avert unfairness and prejudice. For instance, in1954 the board of teaching concerning pronouncement ruled that separate institutions were inherently irregular and that the country had a liability for putting together the schools to defend black kids from intolerance in learning. In 1963, the federal authority used to promise the code of one person, one vote, by ensuring that urban regions, which were inferior and ethnically dissimilar, would be sufficiently signified within the government.

On the same note, in 1963, Gideon V. Wainright affirmed that states, as well as the central regime, were the topic of the Bill of Rights which outlined that the country had to supply a legal representative to every indicted criminal who was not capable of paying for one. Additional in 1966 the case as well requisite the police force officers to notify suspects of their rights on detaining. However, the choice of 1967 maintained entity rights through the use of centralized authority to forbid state rules leaving out the interracial matrimony.


In conclusion, the original determination is the hard work to record voters, use active constituent educations programs, and find consensus across diverse racial lines. Therefore, this will open the Southern states to shift from the blood red shade of electoral drawings to cutthroat representations that pull biased expression and community strategy from the extreme-right to disclose original, that contain more inclusive visions of the South.


Etienne, Leslie. "A different type of summer camp: SNCC, Freedom Summer, Freedom Schools, and the development of African American males in Mississippi." Peabody journal of education 88, no. 4 (2013): 276-283

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