Free Essay Example on Visual Argument

Published: 2018-11-28
Free Essay Example on Visual Argument
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Theoretical framework

A visual argument is an approach to a theoretical framework that involves descriptions on how visual images communicate as compared to just verbal or aural communication. It involves developing a claim and then developing support for the claim. The visual aspects of the claim are the basis of the support. The effectiveness of the visual aspects of the claim is evaluated on the basis of how effectively communicate.

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My claim is based on the need for CPR training to be a requirement for a high school graduation in Pennsylvania as it will increase the awareness on medical emergencies and help save lives. Medical emergencies can happen anytime without anticipation or prior warning. The need for know-how on how to deal with diverse situations of medical emergencies is, therefore, paramount. In consideration of the outgoing nature of young high school students, they are at risk of various forms of accidents or being caught unawares for those who have medical conditions, constituting medical emergencies. The need for expertise in first aid among the students is therefore very important. One of the most common and applicable remedies to medical emergencies is the CPR. In situations where the patients are unconscious and not breathing, CPR is the best approach to try and revive them. However appropriate know-how on how to administer CPR is very important because if administered wrongly, it could be fatal.

The occurrence of medical emergencies

In sensitization on the need to learn how to administer CPR, the major audience here is a young outgoing high school student. An appealing form of communication is, therefore, paramount to be able to attract their attention. High school students at times tend to be ignorant of things they might not consider fun. The use of visual aspects to attract their attention could bring in the fun aspect they might be interested in. The students tend not have any strong values or beliefs and most times they tend to be swayed by their peers as far as their beliefs are concerned. A major problem with high school students is being ignorant of issues that may not be affecting them directly or frequently. The occurrence of medical emergencies might not be frequent and some of the students might have never experienced one and may, therefore, be ignorant of the circumstances (Birdsell and Leo 1996). In the development of a visual image, I will make used of three support aspects. These are images, color, and text. The main idea is to create a visual that is appealing and can attract the attention of the uninterested students. The image employed will be that of a heart hugged by two hands. This image will is bound to attract attention to the visual and hence pass the intended information. The image of a heart will always elicit a feeling of concern and that is enhanced by the hugging hands. The image is very effective in depicting a need for concern and showing that whatever is in question is paramount as it involves human life. The other support aspect is color red on the heart. Red is a shouting color that is always difficult to ignore. Again, the main aim is to attract attention, and the color red comes in handy. Coupling it with the heart image works wonders in attracting attention. Red is a color that depicts danger at times. The danger here is the hazards associated with not knowing how to administer CPR considering the high prevalence of risky activities the students might be engaged in (Robinson and Gregory 1994). Therefore, the color red also passes information on top of attracting the attention of the students. A brown color in the background helps enhance the red image to come out clearly. It also depicts dependence. Dependence in this case refers to the dependence on each other in emergency situations. The pen state colored brown indicates that the high school students as well as the sates are being addressed. The color black is employed to indicate danger and death that looms around notorious activity without knowhow of appropriate safety measures. The other support aspect is the text. I put the text "Most likely the life you rescue with CPR will be a person you cherish." The text directly speaks to anyone who takes the time to observe the visual. The connection between knowing how to administer CPR and loved ones is a winning shot. It shows the students how the skill would be crucial in saving the lives of their loved ones. The connection would create a feeling of concern within those students who do not have the knowledge of administering CPR. The text is also to some degree objective since most of the time a student will spend time and engage in fun activities with their good friends and loved ones.

The visual argument draft has employed the use of ethos effects. Ethos is art that is capable of influencing the emotions and characters of those reading it. The heart and hugging hands perfectly satisfy the intended purpose of ethos effect. Also, the draft visual argument has employed visual aspects that appeal to the feelings that might already be residing within the target audience. High school students are soft hearted at most times as a result of being young. This means they will naturally have a feeling of concern within them even if they do not show it. The colors employed by the draft makes them aware of their feelings like those of love and concern. This aspect constitutes pathos. The aspect of the logos is perfectly covered by the text that provides an argument for the need to learn how to administer CPR.


Birdsell, David S., and Leo Groarke. "Toward a theory of visual argument." Argumentation and advocacy 33.1 (1996): 1.

Robinson, Daniel H., and Gregory Schraw. "Computational efficiency through visual argument: Do graphic organizers communicate relations in text too effectively?." Contemporary Educational Psychology 19.4 (1994): 399-415.

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