Mirror Lake Inn Restaurant, Essay Sample for Students

Published: 2022-04-25
Mirror Lake Inn Restaurant, Essay Sample for Students
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The Mirror Lake Restaurant is one of the largest restaurants in New York City known for its amazing and excellent service to the people of America right from the employees to the guests of the restaurant. Almost every person within and without the New York City and in Extension, entire America as well as the world has had some experience with Mirror Lake Inn Restaurant. The restaurant is common globally because of the nature of its location, the services it offers to employees, customers and its role in the entire American economy. Mirror Lake Inn Restaurant is situated in the New York City of the USA as a world-class Hotel along the shores of Mirror Lake. It is just a walking distance from the hotel distance to the Olympic attractions, shops, and the village's downtown.

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According to (Adler & Patricia, 14), Mirror Lake Inn Restaurant is a diverse and multicultural entity known globally because it is comprised of people from all parts of the globe with different ethnic backgrounds, cultures, beliefs, and customs. In this context, the paper goals to focus on the employees of Mirror lake Hotel particularly the cooks, paying close attention to the culture, customs and beliefs as well as their mutual differences at workplaces. Most importantly, the paper aims to focus on the possible factors that have contributed in bring people in this Hotel together to work with similar objectives in spite of their origin and cultural as well as their background differences.

People from all over come to work in Mirror Lake Inn Restaurant including Europe, Asia and South America among many other worldwide countries (Kirkby et al., 136). Focusing on the key factors for the interactions of workers in this Hotel, perhaps most of the employees found themselves in the New York City working for Mirror Lake Inn Restaurant to raise a living. Hovers according to the available research statistics by (McLennan &Rachael), some employees were interested in the profile of this Hotel while they visited the place on holidays and during dinner visits. When I interacted with one of the staff members who are currently among the top managers of the firm with a work experience of over 35 years, I tried to inquire the reason behind the existence of multicultural employees, the manager first told me that personally he was from Europe and he got his first job in the restaurant after making a two weeks visit the New York City where he found his accommodation in this Hotel.

He further told that over 10% of the cooks came to seek employment in the Hotel after visited as customers and noticed the quality and efficiency of the entity (McLennan et al. 86). Upon getting Mirror lake Inn experience with good remunerations, better services, and quality lives as well as improve relations among people from all corners of the globe, the employers invited more of their associates worldwide to apply for the job in the same restaurant during recruitments. Additionally, with the cultural diversity in this restaurant, the management learned the attributes of different cultures, beliefs and norms of people including people's likes and dislikes, way of life among other aspects hence making it easier for the management to offer best practices as far as their employees and customer is concerned (Kirkby, 136).

People from another area of specialization who work in other firms such as banks, schools, and hospitals tend to think that people who work in restaurants as unknowledgeable and unskilled employees. So I wanted to get the Mirror Lake Inn Restaurant worker perception over this view. Therefore in an interview with one of the cooks, I realized that some of them came to seek jobs because they could not afford life without working. However, after the experience with this firm, cooks can accommodate their bills hence they are satisfied with what Mirror Lake Inn Restaurant overs as a remuneration.

During the research at this restaurant, I made several observations from the cooks and the way they could allocate themselves during service delivery. When I first noticed small groups of cooks in different spots around the Hotel premises and I was curious to know the point of it. I, therefore, interviewed one of the cooks who said that the groups you see on different sports serve specific purposes and each individual performs duty according to his area of specialization as assigned by the executive manager. Cooks from different cultural background have the knowledge of preparing certain kinds of cultural meals for the sake of visitor from those backgrounds. Therefore each cook is situated at specific points at the hotel kitchen to be able to make available foods of a diverse culture. The at the workstations for seems to be relaxed where every cook was busy doing their works but at some point I could note that cooks were joking with one another a factor that depicts a sense of unity and understanding among the workers without cases of bias and unfair treats to the cultural diversity of the people at the Mirror rake inn restaurant.

However, in spite of the existence of cooks from different cultures, hardly could one notice this because there were no cases of unbiased among the workers. The restaurant is a 24/7 operating business with a wide range of employees to facilitate work in shifts. Therefore, the nature of work is divided in Am and PM staff. I interviewed the one of the AM crew about their relationship at the job with the PM crew, she said that in at any working place setting, issues must always arise that nobody is about to control however there is a way to fix such situations. She further told that their relations are good and they love one another in spite of their origin. During the slight crossover, at the point of departure for the AM cooks, the Pm crew was arriving and I noted the unit she declared among them where everyone seemed to be happy cracking jokes with one another. According to the human resource management (HRM) during an interview to determine the criteria for choosing the day and night shift crew, he said that employees are all assigned equal rights to work either in the night shift or during the day without discrimination. However, with special considerations, employees can seek to work at a particular time of the day.

In conclusion, I think employees at the Mirror Lake Inn Restaurant have met for specific reasons where money in the primary reason for people attending workplaces. However, at the same time, the nature of lifestyle people adopt while at their workplace have a role to play in the manner in which we interact with one another in spite of the background differences. For instance, the Mirror Lake Inn Restaurant comprises of multiple cultures interacting together at their workplace particularly among the kitchen cooks and working together with a unified objective. Similarly, people work at particular places and at certain hours of the day for various reasons including efficiency, transportation, childcare, level of individual knowledge and skills as well as the job demands. It is important especially for those employees who enter low-wage occupations and the medium-wage employees to check you're civil right and liberties for employees while at work so as to ensure proper working conditions and minimize the challenges at workplaces.

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