Historical Museums Essay Sample

Published: 2018-03-22
Historical Museums Essay Sample
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The Lough Derg Sword

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It is noticeable to see the Lough Derg Sword at the museum. This sword is a household image in the museum as it is attractive from a distance. The captivating story behind it is worth every attention. The sword was discovered from Lough Derg in 1988, its swords come from the powerbase of Brian Boru. Where the sword was discovered, many Roman Catholics have taken the island to be a sacred place with religious association. The place where it was discovered has caves that are considered holy by the Roman Catholics. The sword was Irish owned and was used in the 11th century for defense purposes. This sword was among the cherished swords in the century as it was important for the leader and used to protect the community from the attackers and the enemies. The Cawood sword is regarded as the finest sword used by the Viking. It is one of the finest ever discovered sword in the museum. It is estimated to be more than 1000 years old and is the fifth sword of this kind to ever be discovered. Due to its uniqueness, it is far best preserved as it’s from the end of the Viking period and at the beginning of the medieval period in the era.

The sword looks dangerous but appealing at the same time. It was designed in a manner to ensure that it provides maximum benefits and serves the Medievalist for a long time.

Limerick Silver Neck Ring

The origins of the Limerick Silver Neck Ring are obscure. It is believed they are a Viking owned ring. The settlements of the ring was located in Athlunkard. This was the more permanent settlement of King’s island that probably dates to 922. It was specifically found at the Claire side in Shannon. With it was two other rings that were plain and not as captivating as Limerick Silver Neck Ring. However, the original thought of the silver neck ring was disputed and it was currently re-proven to Miltown Malbay and not Limerick. The Limerick Silver ring was believed to have been lost as the Vikings were travelling in search for a settlement by the rich people in the era. The Viking were believed to be running from the raids that were prevailing. Although the Vikings were believed to own much of the Shannon system, with a fleet of ships in the 920s and 930s, the Vikings relied highly on the cavalry for most of their exploits.

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