Essay Sample on Effective Intercultural Communication

Published: 2023-03-29
Essay Sample on Effective Intercultural Communication
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As the current business environment evolves, businesses are increasing their operations in different countries in an attempt to gain a large market share. Besides, modern technology and the internet, has successfully opened up new markets that permit businesses to promote products to multiple countries with different cultures (Boby, 2016). What may be more challenging, nevertheless, is how to communicate efficiently and understand individuals who speak different languages and have diverse cultures. Thus, this makes cross-cultural communication progressively become a new norm. While it may be challenging to doing business in different countries, understanding cultural diversity, developing awareness of individual cultures, and keeping the language simple are some of the strategies that businesses can use to promote effective intercultural communication.

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With different cultures in multiple countries, this introduces novel communication issues in the business (Boby, 2016). Effective intercultural communication would start with comprehending that both the sender and receiver of the message originate from different backgrounds and cultures. Besides, getting into sub-cultures and cultures is essential for businesses to realize that a basic comprehension of cultural diversity is crucial to promoting effective intercultural communication. Thus, by understanding individual languages and cultures in depth, businesses learn how to better communicate with people or groups who they do not speak the same language.

Besides, developing awareness of individual cultures is a significant strategy to promote effective intercultural communication. It includes learning culture basics such as something concerning the communication language in various countries (Boby, 2016). For example, it is essential to understand the right physical contact and greetings that may be challenging inter-culturally (Boby, 2016). For example, a firm handshake is broadly accepted and used in the United States but not recommended in other cultures such as Islamic, particularly between different genders. Therefore, observing different practices followed in various countries shows courtesy for their culture, which in turn improves communication at the intercultural level.

Businesses should also try to keep their language simple while working with people from different countries (Hawkins, 2015). They should keep it in mind that although English may be viewed as an international business language, it is inaccurate to assume that individuals in different countries understand it. Besides, it is only around 800 individuals that speak English as the first language (Hawkins, 2015). Those who take it as a second language in most cases are limited compared to native speakers (Boby, 2016). Considering such factors, promoting intercultural communication needs actions. Thus, businesses should make considerable efforts in communicating at the intercultural level, for instance, by ensuring that communication is unambiguous, clear, and simple (Hawkins, 2015).

Businesses undertaking operations in different countries are not exempted from people with different cultures. It is, therefore, essential to formulate strategies that they can utilize to promote effective intercultural communication such as comprehending that there exists cultural diversity, learning the basics of individual cultures, and keeping their language simple when communicating. Therefore, if they adhere, they can significantly aid businesses in achieving a large market share and competitive edge in different countries that undertaking their business operations.


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