Essay Example: Personal Statement for an MBA Admission

Published: 2022-04-12
Essay Example: Personal Statement for an MBA Admission
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Throughout my schooling, I have always had a passion for becoming a managerial leader. To me, it seems to have been an essential thing. I always want to lead others, and when I graduated little did I know my desire to become a manager was in waiting. Since my first job, I have been faced different challenges and experiences that need effective management skills to be employed. I always want to serve my subordinates in the best way possible, and that is why I want to have an opportunity in undertaking a Master's in Business Administration to enable me to sharpen my interpersonal skills as well as managerial skills.

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I am a graduate of S.V.I.T, Gujrat University. Where I did my bachelor's degree in engineering the option of Electronics and Communication in the year 2003. I have worked as a Project Engineer for pharma & Steel for some years now, where I was in charge of technical administration, handling of technical problems, human resources management, budget preparation as well as developing and sourcing for local purchases. Presently I am working as technical support, and since I started performing my duties in this role, I have had an urge of resuming school to further my studies. I am an enthusiastic and self-motivated individual, and I feel that an MBA program will widen my expertise in management as well as help me in moving my career to the next step.

During my undergraduate, I completed training on the Application of AC Drive using PLC& Wireless switching systems using Microcontroller at HI-REL Electronics. This has prepared me ever since to learn to take new challenges whenever they come. I intend to learn an MBA to help me in improving other people's lives while they get challenged and learn. I am determined in wanting to develop my communication skills, my interpersonal skills as well as improving my integrity levels.

I have in many scenarios observed the rising need for management skills in the field of electronics and communication engineering. Management skills are very relevant to the success of any organization while trying to govern a diversity of people from different cultures. The increasing trend for the need of people who have expertise in this area has challenged me to want to fill the gap. I am not only interested in filling the gap but also the need for me to have exposure as I am also passionate about the managerial profession.

I want to study the MBA program since it will teach me on how to understand people in the organization. I also want to understand the nature of power and how it influences people I work with as well as leadership. I believe that a master's in business administration will take me to places since it plays a major role in connecting the globe. I am keen on learning how global business systems run as well as the giant corporates that run them.

I have conducted a series of research on MBA programs, and I believe that it is time I enrolled in this program. I am determined and focused on learning on different business practices since they remain relevant in almost all diverse environments. I know this program is going to boost my knowledge in management and help me have a better experience while striving to meet my career objectives.

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