Essay Sample on China-Japan Border Conflict Reflection

Published: 2022-11-11
Essay Sample on China-Japan Border Conflict Reflection
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The conflict between the states of China and Japan seems to be irresolvable. Either of these two states claims the island will not find the right owner because the two regions claim ownership of the lands. There is a small group of islands that is named in Chinese as Diaoyu, and it is also named in Japanese as Senkakus meaning that the two regions can claim that the islands belong to either of them for as long as they have existed there. Additionally, from the fact that they are on the bonder of Japan and China, it is true that they are likely not to come to terms about who between them should own the islands.

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The islands are rich areas with helpful resources to the nations as seen in the conducted surveys. This area is a rich source of untapped oil, natural gas as well as coal. Similarly, other economic activities such as fishing and other seafood can be obtained in the area making it reasonable as to why the two regions should fight for the land. The war for the islands has been for several years now, and it will only be reasonable if the two countries continue to obtain the benefits equally because if the islands are to be claimed by one of them, it will lead to more unending arguments.

Talking about the area being resourceful, the chairman of CPC Corporation which is a Taiwanese energy company named Sheng-Chung Lin said that they had discovered two trillion cubic meters of liquefied natural gas. There are also estimates from the US Energy information administration that the sea in East China has around sixty to one hundred million barrels of oil in probable reserves. The discovery of these products that demand high knowledge of their extraction and are likely to fetch high profits in the market will prompt the two countries two continue with their fight on who should be given the tender.

So, not surprisingly, China and Japan will continue to be locked in bitter intractable disputes over ownership. The argument by China is that it owns the entire area just as it is the case for the South China Sea and it will brook no argument concerning that. Thus, Japan can claim land that is rightfully theirs and not that of China. Japan counters that any efforts to negotiate about land on the South China Sea will be pointless because the ownership is irrefutable and there is no reason to discuss it.

In that case, China seems to overrule Japan on the ownership of the land on the borders. In another incident where the Prime minister was speaking to the United Nations, he refused to acknowledge the presence of the dispute where he said that the Senkakus are an inherent part of the Japan territory in the light of historical facts and the basis being on the international law.

The biggest problem is these states dislike each other hence making it difficult to come to terms. China hates Japan, and the vice versa is also true which is a legacy of Japan's brutal occupation of China during the second world war at the time when the Japanese troops killed millions of Chinese. This way, it is evident that the border conflict is not likely to come to an end any soon.

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