Martin Luther King - Essay Sample

Published: 2017-10-23
Martin Luther King - Essay Sample
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One thing that made Martin Luther a renowned figure in the history of humanity is the actuality that he was amongst the few persons who fought for individuals’ civil rights within the society (Garrow 2). It is due to the increased efforts that Luther employed in his endeavors to fight for equality amid persons from all walks of life that the natives of the United States valued his efforts to make a difference in individuals’ life in the society. This was regardless of it being that the methods that he employed in fighting for equality did not coincide in any way with the principles of transforming negative attitudes as was conveyed in the Bible.

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Essay on Martin Luther King

Via his speech, ‘I have a dream’, Martin Luther King gave people hope for a better tomorrow (Garrow 2). He proclaimed that even with it being that people went through a number of discriminatory experiences in their lives at the time he conveyed his speech there would come a time when people from all cultural backgrounds and races would live in harmony despite the slight differences that subsisted between different groups of people. He opted that someday in the future people would be categorized based on their potentials and their contributions in their societies as opposed to the manner in which individuals were discriminated upon based on their skin color. Most importantly, he gave people hope that someday they would be judged by the content of their character as opposed to their skin complexion.

Through the level of devotion exhibited by Martin Luther in his undertakings, he inspired innumerable persons. This is was because even with the insistent retaliation he encountered in fighting for the civil rights of individuals in the society he still found the courage and determination to carry on with his quest (Garrow 4). His main aim was to see that all persons were treated equally at all times and in every place they went. The practices that were undertaken by Martin Luther made some of the less privileged members of the society to believe that their troubles were but temporary as long as they worked to emerge from their devastating situations in life.

All thanks to the efforts employed by Martin Luther King in fighting for the rights of the weak members of the society black people or persons from dissimilar races other than the white race came to witness equal treatment in their societies (Garrow 5). Initially, black people were subjected to cruel social policies and abused in dissimilar ways. For instance, these individuals were subjected to police harassment in the streets as was witnessed from the arrest of innocent persons and at times the set-up of black people for crimes they did not commit just because they were ‘black’.

Martin Luther King Personality

It is without any doubt that Martin’s contributions to the society has enabled people in authority to notice and amend some of the atrocities that were committed in the middle of the less privileged members of the society (Garrow 10). Although, some people may proclaim that Martin was no hero due to his lack of morals as was witnessed through his deeds at different points through his lifetime the truth was that no one was perfect. Additionally, some of the ill deeds Martin engaged were due to the devastating occurrences Martin went through in life. Furthermore, the society does so much in molding individuals’ character whether good or bad.

Fredrick on the other hand was a great statesman, abolitionist, orator, writer, and social reformer to have ever lived in the United States (Washington 210). Fredrick Douglass believed that people were only able to achieve progress by determination and increased struggle. With such proclamations, people were encouraged to always work hard in achieving varied dreams in life. As such, laziness was not tolerated in diverse communities thus people developed such notions, as persons who did not work did not deserve to eat so that they could encourage hard work and dedication amid persons. Fredrick also asserted that individuals’ character was developed right from their childhood stages of life (Washington 210). Therefore, if parents failed to nurture their children to follow the moral values of their societies then they would grow with misplaced values with little knowledge of what was expected of them in the society. Both contributions of Martin Luther and Fredrick Douglass served a great deal in liberating less privileged residents of America from the bondage of social, economic, and political prosecution.

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