Essay Sample on Manipulating Your Appearance

Published: 2019-05-27
Essay Sample on Manipulating Your Appearance
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I decided to visit a five-star hotel in the city in the evening. To my destination, I wore a baggy t-shirt, a cap, baggy jeans, Timberland boots and dark glasses. I chose a five-star hotel because I knew it was a classy place where people went for dinner dressed in suits with ladies dressed in classy dresses. At the reception, I was stopped, and I decided to ask for assistance. I asked for a table for one and immediately the concierge looked at me suspiciously almost laughing and asked if I had made a reservation. I said no, and she immediately dismissed me and asked for my exit.

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I decided to visit the same hotel two days later but this time I was dressed in a black fitting suit, a white shirt, and a blue tie. I had formal black well cleaned laced up shoes matching my belt color. My hair was well shaved and looked neat. As I approach the front desk, I was calmly welcomed by the concierge while the receptionist gave me a warm smile. I was asked if I have a reservation and when I said no, I was asked if I would love one. I asked the position it was located, and I was asked to choose the best position that I wanted.

By manipulating my appearance, I made other people believe that I was a different person. On one instance manipulating my appearance made me gain respect and another instance made me loose respect. When I was dressed for the occasion, I was addressed calmly, and the communication between the concierge and me was calm and respectful. When I was dressed inappropriately, communication was ineffective because I was not given time to express myself. Even if I was dressed inappropriately and had the money to spend at the hotel and had booked a reservation the chances are that I would not be allowed to go inside. Dressing appropriately gave me a chance to explain myself, and when I said I had no reservation, an empty table was offered to me.

I learned that nonverbal cues could give an audience a different perception of the speaker. The inappropriate dressing made the concierge assume that I am of the hotel class while the appropriate dressing made the concierge have a perception that I was in the right place. I also learned that nonverbal cues can improve a persons confidence and credibility. When I visited the hotel in a suit, I was more confident. A nonverbal clue can also increase a persons influence like it did in the second scenario where I was able to get a table because I was smartly dressed.

I intend to incorporate better body postures to show that I am comfortable and confident. I intend to use eye contact more because it shows that I am interested and know what I am talking about. I also intend to use gestures appropriately. Gestures will help me send my messages clearly if well used. Finally, I intend to incorporate the right use of the voice when I behave and communicate. Using the right voice will make me send my message clearly. I will not be too loud or soft because using a soft tone will make people think I am not confident enough.

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